Our team has been working in Mexico since 1987. There are hundreds of evangelical Christian groups working in Mexico. We work closely with the following. 

Global Encounters

Chiapas Ministries

Campus Crusade for Christ 

Summer Institute of Linguistics 

JAARS (Jungle Aviation and Radio Service)


Of the 270 total languages in Mexico, 94 have had some evangelistic video produced and now made available for distribution from our office. (Jesus, Luke or Pilgrims Progress) This leaves about 170 major language groups still untouched.  After getting at least one form of evangelistic tool we would also like to see some form of discipleship tool produced in every language as well.


Our team distributes about 2000 DVDs or VHS items per year from our office. A conservative estimate is that our current library has the potential of reaching 2.1 million people with the proper distribution. If we could finish another 150 languages we could possibly be reaching 3.6 million more persons. (All census numbers are from year 2005 surveys.) We are distributing audio CDs of the NT in Zoque and Ch'ol here in Chiapas. Every filter installed through the PWP includes a written and audio portions of the NT in the local language along with a study guide.