October 2006

Greetings from Chiapas !  Before I tell you about October in our lives, let me first tell you that we are a total disaster!  We had a slight tragedy with our computer last month, and lost all the contacts in our e-mail program.  So we salvaged as many as we could from past e-mails etc, but we are missing a lot still!  If you wouldn’t mind, please forward this to people in your church, family, or whoever.  If this e-mail has been forwarded to you, and you *want* to be on our e-mail update list, please send us a quick note so we can add your address to our book.  On the other hand, if you are getting this e-mail and do *not* want to be on our mailing list, let me know and I’ll get your address taken off.  Thank you so much!!!

Ok.  Here goes.  In the first few days of October, Nathan’s parents and 3 siblings all arrived back here.  Everyone dove right in to work, and it’s been busy ever since.  Shortly after, Nathan was asked by some Christian brothers here if he would help them build part of an orphanage that they run, about 30 min. from here.  Anyone interested in coming down for a construction trip?

We were able to host Steve Haag (a dear friend from GA that we’ve mentioned in past newsletters) and his friend Mark Sena for a few days.  They were bringing a vehicle down for a young man that we work with here who does church planting out in the villages.  We always enjoy visiting with these guys and are always so sad when they leave!  Around this same time, we found out that there have been some recent law changes here, and we no longer have to drive our vehicles across the border every 6 months!  We were relieved to discover that, as it will save us a bunch of money and travel time in the end!

The last thing we did in Oct. was fly up to CA to bring a printing press down here for a Mexican friend (Gerardo Rivas), who was unable to get a Visa and go up himself.  Gerardo paid all our expenses and we were able to visit with Nathan’s grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins quite a bit while we were there.  Actually, Nathan worked on loading the 15 ton press into a semi-truck, while Cloe and I visited and got tanked up on Starbucks.  J  Eventually, he got everything done and we flew back home.  Aside from just being able to help a friend out, we’re excited about the possibilities that the press holds.  We’ll be able to print materials for free… Gospel tracts, a ministry product catalog, event flyers, a monthly Christian digest, or small Bible portions.

We have dreamt for a long time of providing adventure tours here in Chiapas .  There is so much to see, and because of Nathan’s training in rock-climbing, swift water rescue, paramedicine, etc. we could do some fun stuff!  He recently got a webpage going for that very thing… we would love it if you checked it out and passed it on to people you know!  www.extremochiapas.com  The site is brand new (and the first one we’ve ever made) so if you have suggestions or thoughts about it, please do tell us!!  If you happen to know much about building web-pages, let us know!  We have some technical questions. 

On this page are some pictures we took over the course of this month. The one at the top is just the three of us in California. Next down is a cute one of Nathan and Cloe that we took at a lake on our way back home. The next one is Cloe surrounded by some friends, listsening to a Bible lesson. Below that is the beach pic with Nathan's grandma (also in CA) Then Cloe and Nathan admiring some fish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. And the last is of Cloe with "uncles" Steve and Mark on their visit here.  Thank you for being a part of our lives and ministry here, and for keeping in touch with us!  Thank you, also, for your help with our e-mail address disaster!  We pray that the upcoming holidays will be wonderful for you and your loved ones.

Love and prayers, Julie, Nathan and Cloe