March 2006 (recovered)

Wow, what a busy month it has been!! We've been back in Mexico for 6 weeks now. The first 3 were spent trying to get things in the new apartment finished (and things in the basement apartment working right) and the last 3 have been trying to get moved in, settled, and cleaned in the upstairs. On Feb. 12th, 4 men from various parts of the US came down to build fireplaces (or more precisely, masonry heaters) in two of the buildings here on property. One was in our new place and the other down in Peter and Jamie's dining room. They worked like crazy all week, were here to celebrate Cloe's first birthday with us, then went home a few days later. What a tremendous blessing it was to have them come down! These houses can be so cold, made of solid concrete. Now when we wake up in the mornings we don't feel half frozen just from walking from one room to the next! Our heater/fireplace turned out SO beautifully and we are so grateful for all the "uncles" that came to do that for us.

Once they went home we were back to projects like getting hot-water-heaters to work, getting enough water pressure to take showers in, getting kitchen cabinets installed, etc. A couple days after getting our upper cabinets installed (the lowers are still being made in the shop) we had our first dinner guests over! That was exciting (though slightly akward, as I still can't say much in Spanish) and we enjoyed getting to know one of our carpenters and his wife and daughter.

Cloe's first birthday was a momentous occasion! We invited a few English-speaking friends from around town, but ended up with 30+ people... many of which I'd never met before! There were a lot of kids there though, so Cloe had a ball. The day of her party there was some excitement up on the mountain behind our house. A few high-school boys fell 25 feet down a 300 foot deep sinkhole/cave. The local fire department got the call but didn't know the area (or have any knowledge of the cave's interior) so Nathan took them up there. A few hours later they came back with the kids (only one had a broken arm... the rest were fine) and Nathan was so excited! He has been hoping for a long time to be able to get involved with the local rescue people, and this opened the door! There is talk now of him going to their station to teach some courses on search and rescue, high angle rescue, etc. We are still praying for that to pan out, but it would be a great chance to minister to these men!

Now, we have 9 precious people from Livermore, CO here. They got here on Sunday and we all instantly fell in love with them! They have been helping do so many different jobs that have needed doing for a while. We have 2 ladies up here at our house helping get everything painted!! How exciting to finally be able to paint a nursery!! Others are making drapes down at Peter and Jamie's, most of the men are making bunk-beds in the shop for a seminary out in the jungle that is in desperate need of beds, and still others are helping cook, clean, and do projects in the office! They will be going home this coming Sunday, and then Nathan will probably go back to work in the office with his dad and Reece. In the meantime, Cloe and I will be here! Her big news is that she took 6 steps in a row last night!! So we'll keep practicing that!

Thank you so much for your prayers, support, e-mails, and encouragement. They mean so much more to us than we can say! We love to hear what's going on in your lives, too.

Love and prayers, Julie for Nathan and Cloe


This Month's Pictures

Cloe helps paint her new room.

Baby steps.

Julie in her new home.