September 2006

Greetings from Chiapas , Mexico !  This past month has been at a much slower pace than the last few… so maybe this update will make up for that last super-long one! 

A large part of the last few weeks has been spent working on our house.  When we returned here Sep 2nd we found lots of mold in the bedrooms, and little bits in other parts of the house.  So we spent the first week back here living in Peter and Jamie’s (Nathan’s parent’s) guest room so we could sand and varnish the ceilings.  Once that was done though, we had to wash every piece of clothing that didn’t go to the States with us over the summer.  It took the better part of 2 weeks to get everything clean and moved back in to the bedrooms.  On occasion, I will still find something that has a little mold on it.  So we’ll empty out that cabinet/closet/drawer/whatever and get it clean and bleached… but I think we’ve pretty much reached the end of that ordeal.  Thank you for your prayers as we’ve been dealing with the mold… hopefully it’s over now!

During the middle of the month, we had the pleasure of hosting a few “part-time missionaries” from GA and TX.  Sergio and Steve have been coming down here to Chiapas to work with different people on various mission projects for years, but only recently have we had the opportunity to be involved.  Right now they (and several others from the group in Plano , TX that we told you about last month) are working on organizing a soccer outreach weekend in the jungle a few hours away.  It is in the area we told you about back in June, where the Zapatista Indian movement is headquartered.  Every year they have a soccer tournament in this area, but next spring we are hoping to be a large part of that, making it more of a camp/outreach.  So they were able to make some progress on that plan during this trip, as well as a lot of other brainstorm type of conversations.  We truly enjoyed their fellowship.

In the office, things are buzzing along as always!  We shipped out 205 videos this month (VHS or DVD) and 15 CDs to various places.  A bunch of those went to other missionaries we work with around the country.  We finished producing the Spanish Character First! Benevolence video.  (For more info you can visit  We’ve also started 3 new projects.  Peter, Jamie, and all 3 of Nathan’s siblings are due to arrive back here this Wednesday, so things will get even busier then!

Nathan has also spent a good bit of timing helping a Christian brother down here find a new printing press for his business.  The Lord worked that out in a major way, and we’ll be leaving for CA on the 17th of this month to bring it down here.  (More about this in next month’s update.)

We hope you are enjoying the rapidly-approaching fall, wherever you are!  We hear the leaves are changing everywhere.  How gorgeous!  Write and let us know how you’re doing and how we can pray for you.

Love and prayers, Nathan, Julie and Cloe


This Month's Pictures

Cloe's Tiny Feet

Flower Market

Food Market

Printing Press