Villa Hermosa, Tabasco – Disaster Relief

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Our team of 8 were; Jimmy Dappen, Nathan Terrell, Joel Arcos, Patrick Woychesin, Grace Ozuna, Steve Haag, Renee Terrell, and Gerardo Rivas. We were there from Monday the 26th thru Friday the 30th of November. Gerardo hosted us in his home and office. We focused our efforts in the Tamulte de las Sabanas region, we were able to assist 4 villages. A second team arrived on the 31st and continued our work into the following week. They received aid from a group in the Mexico City area, and were able to provide medical aid with 4 doctors. We are hoping to return in January if God continues to guide us there. For more pics and info see our November update.

Donations were sent in from the USA, Mexico and Switzerland . Thank you to those who supported this effort financially and in prayer.

Total received $20,498 Pesos

Total spent $21,340 Pesos

Sheets/blankets $9,261 = 43.4%

Chemicals $1,794 = 8.4%

Food $3,865 = 18.11%

Mobil Kitchen $3,860 = 18.08%

Transportation $2,560 = 11.99%

These photos are of the recent flooding of Villa Hermosa. This is about 4 hours down the mountain from our home. We are preparing to bring aid to this area as soon as possible. Please consider how you might be involved in this. This is to Mexico, what Hurricane Katrina was to the USA. There are thousands displaced, some estimate half a million plus.