April 2007

Ahhhh, the long awaited 3 months in one update e-mail!!  We are at last back in our own house in San Cristóbal .  Things are still a far cry from “normal” but at least we’re done traveling for a little while!

We left here to fly to Denver on Feb 8th. Cloe’s second birthday was the 16th and she enjoyed having 2 parties!  One with our family and friends in Pueblo , and another up in Aurora with our church family.  Nathan went right to work for my dad in Pueblowhile Cloe and I spent a lot of quality time with my mom and siblings. I helped lead the middle school girls group for a Passion for Purity weekend in Aurora . It was really exciting to see God working in these girl’s hearts as they committed to remain pure until their weddings!  That same weekend, Nathan met with 2 men from Campus Crusade who want us to coordinate church planting teams for them. So we have added another project to our plate!  We spent a lot of time up in Denver this trip, which was SUCH a huge blessing.  On several occasions, our dear friends, Nikki and Casey Schreiner, opened up their home to us at a moment’s notice for days on end.  Only truly great friends can handle seeing that much of us!  ;-)  Seriously though, our time in Aurora was so refreshing… we felt like a couple dehydrated kids standing in front of a gushing garden hose at the height of summer!

The day after Easter we packed up and headed south.  We spent several days in the Dallas area with our sweet friends, Don and Debbie Jones, and Vic and Barbie Johnson. Nathan attended a GLED board meeting (the mission organization he has helped establish). That was encouraging for him and he spoke for days of all the new ideas and plans they have for Chiapas .  The day after the board meeting we all flew to Georgia for 10 days of SO much fun!  Well, ok, Cloe and I had fun.  Nathan was invited to speak at our friend’s (Steve and Mary Haag’s) church, so he had to work while we were there.  But it was basically vacation for Cloe and me, thanks to Mary’s extreme thoughtfulness.  We had SUCH a wonderful time with Steve, Mary and their 2 youngest kids.  The trip was actually prolonged due to some faulty information we received and a mad dash to get our vehicle’s paperwork in order. But it all worked out and we flew out of Atlanta the day after my birthday.  My b-day gift from my hubby was that Cloe and I flew from Atlanta to Mexico vs. driving. Until you’ve driven Mexican roads for 3 days from the border to our house, you can’t possibly know what a great gift that was!!!  J  Cloe and I arrived here at home on the 26th, and Steve and Nathan drove in just 48 hrs behind us. Nathan is glad that we flew; it was a very rough trip. A tire blew out; Nathan lost his wallet, corrupt police, and high winds that began to tear the camper shell off our trailer. God’s hand was everywhere protecting them and while all these things could have gone very, very badly, they didn’t.

While we were gone, Nathan’s parents decided to surprise us with a little addition onto our bedroom.  We have been talking about how we might fit a baby into that room with us, as it was just barely big enough for our bed and walking space around it.  Well now it’s a full 4 feet bigger!  But it’s not finished.  So we are still living out of our suitcases at the moment, waiting for our room to be finished enough that we can move back into it and unpack!  Hopefully that will happen next week.

I must tell you though that my best news just arrived. Thanks to ultrasound technology, we now know that Cloe will have a littlesister in just 3 more months!!!  We are so excited.  We’re currently 25 weeks along, and SO GRATEFUL for all of you who have sent e-mails saying “we’ve been praying for this pregnancy”!  Please keep those prayers coming.  This last week has been extremely stressful, and I believe the cause for the pre-term labor symptoms I’ve experienced.  Nathan has insisted that I stay on the couch as much as possible, and that has helped, but this has made us aware of how careful I’m going to have to be over the next few months. The current due date is Aug 15th so we’re thinking we’ll return to Colorado about a month before that.  We’re looking into the possibility of working and staying in Denver for this trip, as I would love to have this baby at my hospital with my Dr. in Parker.  So if you happen to know of any short-term job opportunities or housing availability, please do let us know!!  We’re open to any ideas!

Love and Prayers

Julie (for Nathan, Cloe, and baby)


This Month's Pictures

Cloe playing peekaboo.

Cloe travel pro.

Julie's "Disciple Now" group

Cloe and the prego taking a break.

Our NEW cargo trailer.

Us in TX during blue bell season.