February 2008

13 days into March and you’re finally getting an update on February!  Ah!  I apologize for the tardiness of this e-mail.  I pray that it will be encouraging enough to be worth the wait!  

First off, THANK YOU for your prayers last month!  We felt them as we traveled to TX and back with almost no hitches at all!  After two very long hard days of driving (in a very bouncy truck with 2 car-sick babies) we reached the border!!!  From there, the real whirl-wind began.  We spent some time in Houston , then Dallas , then Houston , then Laredo .  Of course visiting every public restroom along the way!  ;-)  Actually, Cloe did amazing well and we were so proud of her for being such a trooper!  Instead of boring you with details of how many days we were in each place, I’ll just tell you about all the things that were accomplished! 

A while back, I started on a vitamin supplement called Manna Tech (www.mannatech.com).  I really believe that this stuff is largely responsible for me not having any more miscarriages and being able to carry Gabi to term without the help of any medication.  We have been blessed by their missionary program and a few months ago noticed that they have a program for orphanages!  You may recall that Nathan has been working with a local orphanage here for some time (www.casahogarcanaan.com), so we excitedly started moving through the paperwork necessary to get some vitamins down to these kids.  While in Dallas , we were able to go by the Manna Tech warehouse and pick up 26 bottles of kid’s vitamins!  When we arrived back here, the orphanage director was thrilled to receive this box for his 13 kids. , we’ve been surprised (but excited!) to see all the doors God is opening for the Pure Water Project.  Even in regions we never planned on venturing in to!   San Cristobal was to pick up 240 filters.  Now that we are back in DallasBy now, I’m sure you’re very familiar with the Pure Water Project that has been so effective out in the Zoque region.  Recently, we had to find a new source for the filters.  That seemed daunting at first, but God miraculously answered the question before we even really had to ask it.  He provided a better filter at half the cost of the ones we were getting before!  What an encouragement to see, once again, that God is in all of this with us and He is even more interested in reaching the lost than we are!  So another stop we made in

The newest project on our plate is the Pure Air Project.  In indigenous communities here, all cooking is done over an open fire in the house.  Naturally, this is problematic!  Not only are there an awful lot of fire related accidents, but the homes are always full of smoke.  This is causing many respiratory issues in young and old alike.  Recently, Nathan’s parents have taken custody of Rosa, a 12 yr old Tsotsil girl.  She has epilepsy and a few months ago fell into a cooking fire during a seizure.  Because of the burns, the doctors amputated her left arm at the elbow.  The real tragedy is that her left arm was her functioning arm, because the right side of her body is rather crippled due to the epilepsy.  She is a sweet girl, and having her join our family has made the Pure Air Project seem so much more urgent.  Basically, it means building a very simple concrete stove with a metal cook-top in every home.  You still build a fire underneath to generate heat, but the smoke is piped outside the house and there is no danger of open flame any more.  We found a supplier for high temp. insulation (vermiculite) in Houston and loaded up a pallets of that. This is one of the last needed items for the Pure Air Project.

Please pray for Rosa as she tries to learn how to use her right hand.  She is an orphan and has many emotional and spiritual issues to work through.  

The director of the local blood bank is a Christian brother (Luis). We have been trying to get needed supplies and equipment for him and the general hospital. Nathan has spent many hours on the phone, and e-mail trying to get all the paperwork completed for this task.  It’s finally done!  We were able to pick up 3 full pallet loads of donated equipment, medicine, etc to bring back here.  A good bit of that stuff also went to our friend, Dr. Ramiro.  We’ve mentioned him several times before, as we are privileged to work with him quite often.  

While in Dallas we got to see some precious friends (Vic and Barbara Johnson) that I’ve known all my life, Steve and Mary Haag flew in from GA to see us for a couple days, my parents came to meet us, and we all got to celebrate Cloe’s 3rd birthday together!  It is always SO wonderful to be together with my family, and always SO hard to say goodbye again. 

So, after 3 very busy weeks and many many hours of driving, we crossed the border and headed South again!  We had borrowed Peter's truck and cargo trailer for this trip and measured about 45 feet from nose to tail. The border crossing was a miracle since customs gave us no hassle even with the very expensive looking cargo. Within 15 minutes of walking in our front door, the phone was ringing.  Haha!  Like I said, Nathan hits the ground running every day.  Right after we got back, Steve Haag flew in for a week’s visit and he and Nathan made a trip to the Zoque jungle.  This time they also took our friends Sarah and Leah along.  As soon as they left, Cloe and I got the flu!  After that trip, Nathan was home a few days, then flew out early yesterday morning for Georgia !  Steve flew him up there for a mission conference that’s taking place this weekend.  That means that Cloe, Gabi and I are home alone until Sunday night.  Of course we appreciate your prayers for us as well as Nathan while he travels.  So far, we’ve only had one bonk on the head and 1 fire-ant bite!  Hopefully things won’t get any more exciting than that.

There is so much more I could write to you about last month, but this update is already dangerously long. 

God bless, Julie for the Terrells