March 2008

Happy April!!!  Hard to believe it’s time to send out an update again… At least this one will be pretty short since I told you so much about March in the last update!

Last month was an absolute whirlwind.  I already mentioned the trip that Nathan, Steve, Leah and Sarah took out to the Zoque jungle just a few days after we returned from TX.   That was a great trip for them and they returned excited (as always!) about the ways God is working among the Zoque people.  The very first weekly Bible was started on this trip, so that only contributed to the excitement  Just a few days after that trip, Steve flew Nathan up to GA to be with him at a mission conference.  That went well too, and Nathan made it back safe and sound.  Thank you for your prayers!  He has a desire to hold similar conferences here in San Cristobal now.  Cloe and I both managed to get the flu when Nathan went to the jungle, but Gabi never caught it, which I was SO grateful for!!!  While Nathan was in GA we just hung out and did some spring cleaning and played in the yard.  The weather is AMAZING here in March and most of April… sunny and warm with no humidity or rain at all.  It was wonderful!!!

Nathan is working to install a heater / dehumidifier here in our house so when the rainy season starts we will be able to avoid the mold issues of last year. This unit was one of the items we brought home in February given to us by a wonderful Christian brother in New Mexico .

At some point during Nathan’s travels, his brand new chainsaw was stolen right out of our garage.  That was a very sad discovery, and Nathan started in on the police report stuff right away.  However, this is Mexico !  So just filing a report took most of one day at the municipal office.  No progress has been made in recovering the chainsaw… but we are still hoping and praying!  We’re also hoping that the insurance attached to our credit card will cover the cost of the stolen item, but that remains to be seen.There is another missionary (Greg McClanahan) here in town that does a lot of great work and has a lot of projects going, but is in and out of the country a lot.  He asked Nathan to come work for him, just a few hours every day, to simply be another pair of hands for whatever needs doing that day, and to supervise construction projects while he is out of the country.  This has been a blessing, as it is a paying job, yet it’s been that much more time that Daddy has been gone lately!  One project that Greg needed Nathan’s help with was taking the transmission out of one of his vehicles.  In the process of doing that, Nathan had a drive shaft dropped on his head!  He came home a bloody mess with his eyebrow split wide open.  Praise the Lord he’s still alive though!   We are trying to figure out how to juggle all these events and activities and responsibilities while still getting some family time here and there.  It’s been a struggle, but we are working through it.

We enjoyed a nice warm Resurrection Sunday here together.  That weekend was very full of guests and cooking, but it was great!

Love and prayers,