May 2008

After the crazy running around of April we were glad to have Daddy here working around the property and on our house for a few weeks. Nathan got the next step done on the Gazebo in anticipation of the impending rainy season (which is definitely here… we’ve gotten approx. 13” of rain in the last 10 days). We are all really looking forward to having a place to play outside… even when it is raining. Nathan also continued working on the electrical system upgrade for the property here… something that has taken all month to get pushed through the local electric commission. He continued visiting with the local hospital directors in an effort to setup a surgical team visit. Also, work for Greg McClanahan continued while he and his crew were in Africa . The shop and work areas are now built at their base.  Joel and Zaremi Arcos made their first week long visit to Ch’ol country this month. It was a success as they began to identify specific areas of need and ways that they can fill those.

Towards the end of May, Nathan made another trip to Zoque land for three days.  He distributed 8 new water filters, and repaired 5 old ones.  He didn’t have a traveling buddy this time (which makes me nervous) but he was really excited about the doors God opened for him.  He was able to share the Gospel extensively with one family, and provide some medical attention for another.  When a family buys a new water filtration system, they also receive an audio CD of the Gospel of John, as well as a hard copy in book form... both in their native language, Zoque.  One guy on this trip was so excited to get this material that he immediately sat down, turned on the CD and began following along in his book.  By the time Nathan left, the young man was on chapter 4 and completely enthralled.  It makes me realize all over again how I take my Bible for granted.  I have several, in my native language, lying around my house.  Not only do I have full and complete access to them, but I can actually read and understand every word they contain!  And yet, somehow, my Bible doesn’t receive half the attention that it should from me.  Anyway, Nathan had a good trip! 

He left straight from Zoque land to a town called Jaltipan (HALL-tee-pawn) to help some dear friends of ours, Sarah and Jason Knabb.  They have 4 children (#5 is on the way!) and have recently moved up there toward the gulf coast.  The house they are renting needed so much work, and Jason needed some help coordinating all the work happening with a carpentry team that was coming down.  So after 3 days in the jungle, Nathan spent 3 days there with the Knabbs.  They now have kitchen cabinets, closets, dressers, and other random (much needed) things.  By the time Nathan returned, Gabi was saying “Dada” and waving bye.  She then added “all done” to her vocabulary!  I didn’t even know 9 month old babies were capable of talking.

The A.C. (Civil Association that officially makes Chiapas Ministries a non-profit organization) was finally signed and finalized!!!  The amount of time taken to get that done was annoying, but it is a large step that we are glad to have out of the way.

May has not been a good month for back pain.  In desperation, I finally went to the local “chiropractor” on the 17th.  For several days, I was so sore that I couldn’t tell if any good had been done.  But it slowly became obvious that I was no better off after that visit.  In fact, some parts of my back hurt worse now!  That was a discouraging discovery, especially since the guy was not cheap.  We are a little stumped as to what should be done now.  I am nervous to try another chiro. here, yet wonder how I can live like this until November, when we are scheduled to go back to the US again.  All of this to say: your prayers are appreciated!  J  First, that I’ll be able to deal with the back pain while attempting to keep the house and children cared for.  Second, that we will have the wisdom to know what to do next!  (If you know any good chiropractors wanting to go on a missions trip to Chiapas , there are a lot of backs here that could use help!)

Thank you for all your love, support, prayers, and encouragement.  You will never know how much you mean to us!

Blessings, Julie (for Nathan, Cloe, and Gabi too)