June 2008

June was the calm before the storm for us.  We spent much of it just preparing for July… it’s been crazy so far, and shows no sign of slowing.

This month, I thought I’d give you a little glance of my life here at home with the girls.  Just a few numbers, really.  In June, I did approx. 70 loads of laundry, changed over 150 diapers, made and fed Gabi around 60 bottles, watched 15 Veggie Tales and who-knows-how-many other cartoons.  I’ve also completed the transition of moving Gabi (and all her clothes) from our room to Cloe’s… you don’t even want to know how long that took me!  I attempted to count the number of toys picked up for about 2 days… but I lost count.  Nor could I count the number of smiles that Cloe and Gabi brought to my face, or the number of hugs and kisses exchanged between the 3 of us!  I love being a mom.

The first of June, some sweet friends of ours arrived and began renting the apartment below us, here on the Terrell compound.  Nicky and Janie Rider are in the construction ministry, and I have known them since I was about 9 yrs old!  Nicky was a faithful employee of my dad’s for many years, and we were so happy when they were sent here by their mission organization!!  Their apartment needed quite a bit of work before they could move in, so we all took several days to crack down and get it finished and moved into.  We have LOVED having them here.  Janie and I started doing a Beth Moore Bible study together, which I am thrilled about and loving every minute of.  I now have a grocery shopping buddy, as well as a buddy who just likes going in to town with me!  Our favorite thing is having dinner together… we each make half a meal and do the cleanup together a few times a week… it’s great!!!We’ve known for a long time now that Nathan doesn’t really get to work when he works here in the house.  He will occasionally attempt to lock himself in a room somewhere if there is much computer work to do, but Cloe is good at picking locks.  At any rate, we decided that he needs to have a separate space to call his office… so he built one!  It was an outdoor hallway, just outside our back door.  It’s now closed in with a desk in it!  It’s nearly finished, and we are so excited about the prospect of getting more done each day.

Joel Arcos is working on getting the New Testament into audio format in Ch’ol, his native language.  Nathan’s been helping with the recording of that when he is able and they are elated to see that project finally happening.

We’ve been fighting with our water system a lot the last several weeks.  The gravity feed that we get from the main tank is ok, but just very slow.  It takes about 20 min. to fill my washing machine, and doing dishes takes a long time.  So we put a small tank up higher on the property, but can not keep the pump working!  Nathan has also just about finished the installation of our new dehumidifier… I think it just needs to be hooked up and turned on!  Another project around here that he’s been working on is our gazebo!  It is sooooo close to being done.  I can hardly wait!  Hopefully by next month’s newsletter it will be done and I can post a picture. Helping with these home repairs were our friends Rory and Lesia George and their son James. They came from AZ to visit and were a great blessing!

Nathan made 2 trips to the Zoque jungle last month.  The first one he made by himself, mostly to distribute water filters and line up speakers for “The Hope”… the next audio project on the agenda for Zoque.   Nathan is excited about the way people have started responding to him out there.  The second trip was a big group… meant to be a several day medical outreach.  Due to some last minute issues, it was shorter than expected.  Still, they were able to treat over 80 people who came needing medical attention.  Dr. Ramiro prays with every patient, and shares the Gospel with many! Nicky Rider was instrumental in providing trasportation with his big truck, and was a huge help to Nathan while there in the village. Joel and Zaremi Arcos went as well, they cooked meals worked in the clinic and taught the children's Bible school. Thank you for your prayers, we will continue to be involved with the Zoque untill God brings a full time missionary to take our place.

God bless, Julie (for Nathan, Cloe and Gabi)