July 2008

The very first part of July we were SO happy to have some friends of ours from AZ visiting.  Rory and Lesia George have been friends with Peter and Jamie (Nathan’s parents) since their college days!  We’ve been blessed to have them (and their son, James) as dear friends of our own for several years.  We didn’t get to spend nearly as much time with them as we would have liked, but it was so great to see them.  Rory and James helped Nathan work on his new office space as well as the gazebo... that was a blessing!  We were sad to see them go, but hopefully we’ll be making a stop in AZ on our way home for Thanksgiving.

One of my favorite holidays is the 4th of July.  It seemed so weird to not celebrate it just because we are out of the country.  So we had a BBQ!  We invited every American we knew here in town.  It was great!  We had hamburgers and hotdogs and apple pie.  It doesn’t get much more American than that!  On the 7th, we made a new friend!  Kaihla is an 18 yr old girl from WA and we have looooooved having her here with us.  We’ve been doing some Bible studies together, and she is a great help with the girls and stuff around the house.  She’s been fighting a bug she picked up here for a couple weeks… your prayers for her would be much appreciated.  

On the 12th we left for our first real family vacation in a few years… to the south coast!  Nicky and Janie Rider (we told you about them last month) had been wanting to go there, but not by themselves!  So we all went together and had a great time for a couple days.  We were able to take with us one of the girls that work for my in-laws.  She is 15 yrs old and until our trip to the coast she had never been more than an hour from her house.  It was so fun to see her reaction to the ocean!  We’d catch a glimpse of it as we drove, then a few minutes later catch another glimpse.  Ceci’s eyes would get real big and she would ask “is that the same ocean we saw a while ago??”  We captured a few pictures of her amazement and have posted them in the slideshow.were bringing down from GA.  They got 1 day here in town to do the sight-seeing/shopping thing.  Then Nathan hauled them off to the jungle!  While there, the team was able to do a lot of stuff with the kids like making crafts, playing basketball, etc.  They also repaired water filters, went on prayer walks, and just spent time with the people for a few days.  When they came back, they had barely caught their breath before they took off for the airport to go home again.  It was a quick trip, but they were such a fun group. Steve and Mary Haag After we got home we had a few days to prepare for a group that

We are about to add some things to our website.  Several people have suggested that we incorporate a “needs” section, so we are working on getting that on there.  I’ll send out another note to let you know when it’s up!  Has your summer been as busy as ours?  We hope you’re enjoying it, and we also hope to hear from you soon!

God bless, Julie (for Nathan, Cloe and Gabi too!)