August 2008

Last month went by WAY too quickly.  Nathan was home all month long, which was wonderful, and we get so used to having him around all the time!  It was a good month.  Nathan worked in his office full time and got a lot of recording projects done.  Amin and Nathan built a sound booth into the closet in his office and have been recording in there.  In Zoque, they now have all of these recordings finished:  John, Romans (1-8), Ephesians, Hebrews, James, and 1st John.  Amin’s skill at reading has been improving and now he can finish almost a whole verse at a time.

We told you last month about Kaihla Stevens, the young lady from WA who is living with us.  She is a tremendous blessing!!!  One of the projects that has been sitting on Nathan’s desk for months now is digitizing a series of sermons by our pastor ( Jim Brannon ) in Aurora , CO .  It’s a 36 part study on the book of Hebrews, and it is great!  Kaihla has been able to step in and help with that project a lot, which has been really nice.  She has been great company for me here at home, as well.  Cloe and Gabi just adore her, and she is officially “Aunt Kaihla” now.  We’ve been doing several studies together, and we’re going to try and keep her here as long as possible!

We went down to the Guatemala border to renew our visas last month.  We hoped it would just be an overnight trip, but when we got there they told us we’d have to spend another night before we could pick up our new visas.  It was an interesting trip.  We got to see some ruins and waterfalls and lakes while we waited for our new visas, so that was cool.

You may remember us talking about Jacobo Sanchez who has helped with trips in the Zoque area in the past. Thanks to a new source of support he will now be able to work 15 days a month in that area. This is a huge answer to prayer because it frees Nathan up to do what he really feels called to do here. (Supporting native missionaries with the tools and materials needed for evangelism and discipleship.)  Jacob has young kids at home and he suffers from low blood pressure so his fieldtime is sometimes going to be limited. Please be praying for him since he is walking or using public transport for these trips, as he has no vehicle. Jacob plans to go from house to house; praying for their families, and distributing free copies of the New Testament audio CDs, that Amin and Nathan have been recording. The people can’t read but many have CD and DVD players so this is our way of getting God’s Word into their hands.

Gabi turned one last month!!  We had a fun little party for her here at home.  Several friends came and there was lots of bubble blowing!  Of course we took a million pictures, so here they are for those interested in seeing cute baby pictures along with all the others.

Nathan is going to be making several jungle trips in the next few weeks (in fact, he is leaving this-morning for 3 days in the Ch’ol jungle), so we would really appreciate your prayers for his safety as well as for ours as we hold down the fort.

Thanks for being involved in this ministry that God has called us to, and for being interested in our lives!  You’ll never know how grateful we are for you…

Julie, (for Nathan, Cloe and Gabi, too!)