September 2008

I read something today that really struck me as being SO applicable this last month.  So I wanted to share it with you!  It’s my paraphrase of 2 Cor.1:8-11.  This last month has been hard!  We wondered at times if we would live through it. But our God is greater than all the hardships we faced.  He has delivered us, and will deliver us again in the future.  You have been part of that deliverance, and we are so grateful for the gift of your prayers.

We had Nathan here at home for the first couple days of September.  Since I now have TWO very active toddlers, he built a gate for our yard so that there would be no falling off the step into the driveway.  YAY!  Nathan also did some more recording of the New Testament in Ch’ol with Joel.  On the 9th, he, Kaihla, Joel and Zaremi all left for the Ch’ol jungle for a few days.  They handed out free copies of the Scripture recordings that they had finished in that language, and the people were absolutely thrilled!  Nathan said it was like handing bread to a starving man… SO exciting to see their excitement!  There are many believers out in that area, but no Audio Bible in their language.  So they are quite starved for God’s word in their heart language.

On the 13th, Nathan and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary!  It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long already.  I am so grateful to be married to a man who believes so strongly in what God has called him to do.  Even when it’s hard (which is often) or everyone around him is unsupportive, he is unwavering in his commitment to follow God’s leading in his life.

The next week was another jungle trip!  This time it was out to Zoque, and Nathan took Kaihla and Silverio, a young man who had been here helping Peter and Jamie in the studio.  There they handed out copies of the Zoque audio New Testament portions that Nathan and Amin have been recording. They also repaired a lot of filter systems, and installed some new ones.  They visited a new village on this trip (Pablo Tumbac) which is always exciting.  They enjoyed a very warm reception and were asked to return soon.

2 days after returning home from that trip, a gentleman from the US (Tom Flood) arrived.  He and Nathan have been working on organizing a surgical trip for next summer, so they spent a few days in meetings and such, lining things up for that trip.  Pray that the many details will fall into place.  The medical field here has so many dire needs, and yet meeting those needs is incredibly difficult due to all the red tape.  It is frustrating to see such huge needs and not be allowed to do anything to help.

The day after Tom went back to the US , Nathan left for the US border.  Steve was driving down with a truck full of stuff, and didn’t want to do it alone!  So Nathan flew toMonterrey , then took a bus from there to the border and met Steve a few days later. Twice on the way home they ran into corrupt police officers who demanded bribes and invented false charges. They lost a good part of the first day of driving dealing with them so we were without Daddy here at home for 6 days. That was not fun, but Daddy came home with Reeces and chocolate chips!!!!  So all was forgiven.  ;)  He and Steve just got home from another trip to Ch’ol, but it’s not September anymore… so I’ll have to wait until next month to tell you about that one!

We are planning on leaving here the first of November to head toward the US .  We are so excited to be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year… the first in 3 years!!!  We’re already working on getting the schedule worked out so we can cram everything in while we’re up there.  We hope to see as many of you as possible!  We’re still trying to determine a good place to stay in Denver over a few weekends, so let us know if you hear of a place.

We hope you are enjoying fall, wherever you are.  We’re on the tail end of rainy season here, so things are still very lush and green.  It is a little strange (after living in CO all my life) to live somewhere that only has two seasons: dry and rainy.  But it is so beautiful here that it’s hard to not appreciate the rain forest.  I pray that you’ll be able to come visit sometime… you would love it here!

In His hands, Julie (for Nathan, Cloe and Gabi too!)