October & November 2009

It's already mid-Nov!!!  I am sorry this update is a bit late getting to you... I promise I have a great excuse!  :)  Since we will be traveling when it's time to send the next update out, we decided to go ahead and fill you in on Oct and Nov at the same time.

Usually, I cannot help but tell you how fast last month flew by.  That was *not* the case with October!  On the 1st of the month, our midwives said that the baby could come "any day now"... this made the following weeks seem excurciatingly long. 

Nathan stayed home with us all month long, working on projects around the house and in the office.  Amin was here much of the month, working on getting the Audio New Testament in Zoque finished.  They made a ton of progress!

A ton of progress was also made on our little porch addition. It won't be finished before we leave for the US in a few weeks, but it will be completely dried in!

Finally, on the 29th of Oct, I woke up at 2:30 am with contractions and Brennah was born at 5... weighing in at 8 lbs even.  Though a 2.5 hr labor is a bit short and intense for my taste, we were so happy when it was over!  The midwife made it to our house just 13 min before Brennah came out, and Nathan and I were both very happy with our home-birth experience... short as it was.

Just 2 days after Brennah arrived, my parents flew in from CO!  This was their first visit here and we were SO EXCITED to have them come!  We had a wonderful week together and they were a HUGE help. I could go on and on about the incredible blessing that they were/are to us, but let me just say that we are very grateful to have them in our lives.  They were here for a whole week! We were sad to see them go, but it was made much easier knowing that we'll be going home for Christmas in a few weeks. They've been gone now for a few days and I am trying to adjust to real life.  3 little ones in the house is definitely more of a challenge.

November is looking a bit crazy at this point.  We are working on getting all the necessary paperwork submitted for Brennah's passport, so that we can travel to Mexico City and pick it up.  Hopefully, it will all be done and we can drive through on our way North.  In the meantime, getting all the paperwork and such is proving to be a bit of a hassel!  Also, the next 10 days is all Nathan has left to wrap up his office/recording work before he has a tour group coming.  He will be gone with them the 21st-28th, then we're hoping to leave here first thing in the morning on the 29th!  Without knowing how long it will take us to get in and out of Mexico City, it's hard to say when we'll be crossing the border, but we're hoping to be at my parent's house in CO by the 8th or so of Dec.  We would really appreciate your prayers as we attempt all of the paperwork and traveling with the 3 girls.  We're looking forward to seeing many of you during our few weeks in the US!  For those that we won't get to see, you'll be hearing from us again probably mid-January!

Praying that you have a wonderful holiday season with those you love.

Julie (For Nathan, Cloe, Gabi, and Brennah too!)