March 2009

The first weekend of March we began a little construction project!  We have a porch on one end of the house that we basically never use, but it has a beautiful view of the city.  We decided that since in a few months we’re really going to need a little more space, we should close that porch in and make it part of the house.  It’s not finished yet, because we only have workers here to help Nathan on Saturdays.  But I am SO excited about this little addition!

On March 9th Nathan and I left for a little trip out to the Zoque jungle.  I had never been there before and we decided that if there was going to be a time in the next year and a half or so, this would be it!  Kaihla kept the girls here at home and we left first thing in the morning.  The drive out there took a little longer than usual because Nathan had to stop and let me breathe a few times thanks to the morning sickness that was just kicking in.  We arrived at the first village early that afternoon and Nathan fixed a filter for a family.  They asked us to return the next morning because another family member had broken their filter as well.  The big village in the area is called San Jose Maspac, and that was where we spent most of our time.  As soon as we pulled into town we were flagged down by a group of kids who recognized Nathan!  They were excited to see me since I had become a mythical person who they had heard about, but would only get to meet in heaven.  We visited a bunch of homes in Maspac, fixing several filter systems and distributing the Bible portions on CD to quite a few families.  It was so great for me to finally see Nathan in this setting.  God really has blessed him with an ability to speak to people about Himself.  I can see where so much progress has been made since we first went into this area 2 yrs ago.  Yet it’s easy to see that the Zoque’s still obviously see us as outsiders.  The need for a full-time missionary in that area is huge!  Pray with us that God would send someone soon.  We spent the night in Maspac, visited with more families in the morning, then headed back to Santa Marta to fix the other filter we’d been told about.  Once that was done and we’d left more Scripture Cds with them, we headed back towards San Cristobal.  We arrived back home in time for dinner, thrilled to see our happy girls!  Thank you for praying for all of us as we took that quick trip.  It was a wonderful experience that I’m so grateful to have had!  We couldn’t have done it without Kaihla here to be with the girls… we are SO thankful for her help. The Rivas family (from Villa Hermosa) spent three days here in San Cristobal visiting us. They have decided to begin working with us in the Ch’ol area. 

On the 23rd, our friend from Ch’ol country arrived.  Gregorio has been so helpful in getting much of the Scriptures recorded in Ch’ol, his native language.  In 3 days of working very long hours, they recorded Hebrews, and 1st and 2nd Peter. Gregorio has decided to start working with us in the same way that Joel and Jacobo have been (even though there is no financial support for him yet).  We are really excited to see God adding team members to this work.

Cloe and Gabi seem to finally be recovering from ear-infections and colds and such that they picked up on our trip to the US.  Between those illnesses and the new pregnancy, March held several medical visits, and a few medications.  But everyone is straightened out now and back to full health (or nearly there, in Gabi’s case).

April is going to be a  busy month for us.  We are THRILLED to have Radu Pasca (the youth leader from our church, Redeemer Baptist in Denver) and Dr. Randy Sanders (our WONDERFUL dentist and dear friend also from Redeemer) here.  They will be leaving early tomorrow morning with Nathan (as well as Kaihla, a local pediatrician, and a few other helpers) for a medical/dental mission trip out in Ch’ol country from the 6th-9th.  Please keep this team in your prayers as the trip will be long and hard… not to mention hot.  As always, we’d really appreciate your prayers for me and the babies as we stay home alone!

We know things in the US have been shakey and scary for a lot of people in financial crisis.  I hope you’ll keep us posted on how you and your family are doing.  We’d be honored to pray for you as you deal with things there.