April 2009

It’s hard to know how to begin telling you about April!  The whole month was such a whirlwind.  It was a great month though. Steve Haag came on the first of April.  He and Nathan had a ton of business things to work on (getting our FM3 paperwork going, visiting government offices, talking to contractors for the San Fernando project, etc).

Like I mentioned last month, we were so excited to have Radu Pasca (the youth leader at our church in Denver, Redeemer Baptist) and Randy Sanders (our dentist and good friend, also from Redeemer) arrive here on the 4th of April.  We got to spend a day all together seeing the sights and shopping, then they left with Nathan early on the morning of the 6th.  The whole team included Nathan, Radu, Randy, Kaihla, Joel, and the Rivas family from Villa Hermosa.  They began work immediately after arriving in Tortugero (a village in the Ch’ol) jungle.  Over the course of the 4 days they spent out there, they were able to distribute 6 water filter systems.  Randy (and his assistants, Kaihla Stevens and Sylvia Rivas) saw over 60 dental patients.  Dr. Rivas (a pediatrician) saw over 120 patients.  They were also able to get a lot of the electrical wiring installed on Joel’s new house.  After they wrapped everything up (and made a quick stop to see the renowned Palenque ruins) they made it home late on the night of the 9th.  Everyone was totally exhausted and desperate for a hot shower and comfortable bed.  But they had a really great trip and were all excited about the things God did.  The Ch’ol people are starting to open up and be very receptive to our presence there.  We feel that this is a direct result of the people seeing our team members showing them the love of Christ in action.  Randy and Radu flew back to CO the next day.  While we were sad to see them go, we are so grateful they got to come at all!

Just a few days later, Kaihla and I got sick.  For some reason, our water was really bad and apparently half of our town caught this same bacterial infection.  The problem is that Kaihla was already fighting off a bug she picked up in the jungle!  Within a few hours of realizing we had a bug, we were both severely dehydrated.  Nathan was tickled to be able to practice his IV-starting skills on both of us!  He also got Kaihla started on an anti-biotic right away, so she was tired but started improving by the next day.  Because of my being only 13 weeks pregnant, I couldn’t take the same drug to kill the bug… so I had to just wait it out.  It was a very long week!  But I have never been more grateful for Nathan’s medical training.  Thank you, to those of you who heard about this and prayed for us.  As far as we know, the baby is fine and I am totally over the bug.

The last week of April Gregorio arrived from Ch’ol country again.  He, Kaihla, and Nathan work long hours and get so much done in a short period of time!  They recorded into Ch’ol 1st and 2nd Thessalonians.  They are also working on a study guide for the gospel of John.  Once it is translated and formatted, they will have it reproduced… hopefully in time for the trip being planned to the jungle in a few weeks. They are also working on the revision of the script for “The Hope”.

Also in the last few days of April, we became aware of the swine flu here in Mexico.  The VAST majority of cases are in Mexico City.  While we do have a few confirmed hospitalized cases here in town, those people are travelers who just arrived from Mex City.  We are a solid 12 hr drive from there, so we aren’t feeling terribly threatened.  Though most people are wearing little masks out in public, we aren’t very concerned yet.  We keep coming back to 2 Tim 1:7  God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind.  We intend to be careful, but also intend to keep right on working on the tasks at hand.  We’ll keep you posted if anything changes. Thank you for your concern and prayers for us.

We have just posted some new items to our website... March's update and it's pics., our new prayer card, updated Needs page, and a Projects page. We are trying to make this a more informative site for you. Please let us know what you think! nathan_terrell@sil.org or julie_terrell@sil.org