May & June 2009


Please accept our apologies for not getting an update out last month!  I was in TX over the week that we normally do the update, and then it just simply was forgotten about for another week.  By that time we decided to just combine May and June.

Nathan and Kaihla spent more time recording Ch’ol materials with Joel in May.  They finished the gospel of John!  We have all been working on editing and making a transcript for a Spiritual Warfare seminar that was done up in AZ by Pastor Ed Schaefer.  We are making progress!  The next step is to have the transcript translated into Spanish.  We’re excited about this project because spiritual warfare is a very real issue down here.  Hopefully this seminar will encourage the church to be more aware of this reality as it has done for me and Nathan.

Mid-May, Nathan spent 6 days in Ch’ol country, kayaking down the Tulija river. His team was made up of Lance Keeling (another local missionary here), Elias (a local Ch’ol brother), Steve Haag, and Roni & Wayne Ragan from Georgia. They also worked with Gregorio, Joel and Zaremi and the Rivas family off the the river. The first two days of the trip, they installed water filtration systems and finished the electrical installation on Joel’s house. On day three, they headed down the river. The goal of this trip was to determine the usefulness of using the river to access the villages located on or near it’s banks.  At each stop along the way, the conducted a census-type survey, as well as distributed Gospel materials in Ch’ol.  The end result of the study is that the river will be a very viable option for transport!  We are now waiting for God to provide the motorized water-craft for the job.  Just before they took this trip, Nathan spent an entire week rebuilding the one trailer that we have that is big enough to handle all the equipment they needed to take with them.  After all was said and done, the jungle/river trip and (preparations for it) took up most of May. She went home to WA on June 3rd, and is now back with her family preparing to start school and a job soon!  We are grateful for the time she spent here in Mexico.  Especially during weeks like the one I just described in May, when Nathan was gone for a week!  She was a life-saver!  Needless to say, we were all thrilled and relieved to see our daddy walk in the door. Meanwhile, back in San Cristobal, we all tried to stay sane!  The first night of Nathan being gone, Gabi got really sick!  So we spent the next several nights trying to catch up on sleep from that 1 event… though we never really succeeded!  But those few days made me very grateful to still have her around.

May and June were big construction months around here.  Our porch addition hasn’t been finished yet, but Peter and Jamie (Nathan’s parents) have started construction on our roof!  There has been talk of finishing the upstairs to add space to this house for a few years.  Now it’s begun!  It will be a while until it’s finished, but it’s exciting to have it started.  The main goal was to just get a roof on it to cut down on all the moisture seeping into our house this rainy season.  And the roof is now on!  There are no walls or anything else, but at least the rain isn’t soaking in anymore. Construction has finally begun down in San Fernando on the mission house.  Well, technically, the construction has been just getting a road built to our property.  But it’s still something!  Nathan has made many trips down there the last several weeks (about an hour and a half drive from here) and we are starting to see some progress.  Construction during rainy season is tricky and sometimes slow.

The big news on the baby front is that we had an ultrasound and made a discovery.  Baby #3 is also GIRL #3!  Our current due date is Oct 21st.  I’m pretty sure we’ve decided on the name Addison Leigh.  We would really appreciate your prayers where her birth is concerned.  Several issues have come up regarding the midwife in town and we are not quite sure where to go from here.  Traveling to the US for the birth would mean a great expense, and shutting everything down here for several months, not to mention a great deal of stress.  Though it would definitely be more peace of mind regarding a birth!  Wisdom and direction would be really great to have right now.  Our other big event at home last month was potty training Gabi.  Fun times were had by all!

Please be praying for wisdom for Nathan as he supervises the San Fernando construction. This month (July), his sister Renee will be getting married here in San Cristobal and we will have a team from our church in CO joining us for a week. Amin Jimenez should be starting back in on the Zoque NT audio recording this month, and Jacobo continues his visits to the people there in Zoque. Joel and Zaremi will be moving into their house in Ch’ol country now that Joel has finished his seminary studies. Gregorio and Joel will be finishing the Ch’ol audio NT in July or August. All of these points need prayer, so please keep us in mind when you are on your knees and we will do the same for you!