July 2009

We started July with a big bang… our annual 4th of July BBQ!  It was a ton of fun and we were excited to have so many of our local American friends join us.  God really has blessed us with a few great friends here.  I had to mention this BBQ because we’ve included a few pictures of it on here!

The first two weeks of the month Nathan spent running to or from San Fernando.  Construction on the property is going well, albeit slowly.  The second weekend of July we were so excited to have Nathan’s Grandma and Aunt Michelle arrive!  It has been too long since we’ve seen them (almost 3 yrs!) so it was a happy reunion.  The following week was spent largely on Nathan’s sister’s wedding plans and preparations.  Aunt Lisa flew in on Thursday night, and Renee and Luis were married on Fri, July 17th.  All of us were in the wedding somehow… it was such a busy day!  We’ll post a picture of that event online as well.  All of the out-of-town family left just a few days later, and we were sad to see them go!  The wedding week was so busy that we didn’t get as much quality time as we would have liked.  But it was certainly better than nothing and hopefully we’ll be able to make it out to CA before another 3 yrs goes by.

July was a really good, productive month in the office.  Joel, Mercedes, and Gregorio worked really hard on getting two sizable projects completed!  The first is a 5 week study on the Gospel of John.  We have an audio track to go along with it that reads each portion of Scripture and then a question pertinent to that piece.  We have the audio, as well as a tri-fold hand-out of the study, in Spanish and Ch’ol now!  The second project they completed is an evangelistic tract that we were given in English.  Miriam Villalobos translated it into Spanish, then Joel recorded Mercedes reading it.  Gregorio later translated it into Ch’ol, and Joel recorded him reading as well!  These two tools have already been very useful and had great reception in Ch’ol country a couple weeks ago with the RBC team (Redeemer Baptist Church in Aurora, CO).) and dental clinic in the main village, then took little trips out to 5 other villages each day to distribute materials and water filter systems.  Nathan gave out the new tract and study guide, as well as a Scripture audio cd, to every clinic patient and family they visited.  The people were thrilled to receive everything they were given!  The clinic was busy, with 65 medical patients and 55 dental.  The whole group came back excited about how the week went, and they had lots of stories to tell.  We took them to the airport EARLY Sat morning (Aug 1).  They unloaded all their luggage and went to check in. Nathan and I got back in the trucks to run some errands and head back home.  This is the moment the mission truck chose to die!  While it’s always frustrating when a vehicle does something like that, I must say I appreciated the timing!  Had it died 2 days earlier, Nathan would have been in the jungle with a bunch of people he couldn’t cram into the other vehicle.  Had it died an hour earlier, we would’ve had a really hard time getting our team to the airport on time.  At least it died in Tuxtla where our mechanic is already, we had another vehicle with us, and it waited until the team was safely on their way home to CO.  Even in allowing difficulties in our lives, God is merciful!  I also want to take the opportunity to brag on my husband a little.  He knew exactly what the trouble was with the truck (that alone is enough to impress me!!) and very sweetly just dealt with it all morning.  I am so grateful for a husband who handles crisis so calmly! On July 25th, we were thrilled to have a team from our church, Redeemer Baptist, come down!  The group consisted of 9 people: Radu Pasca (RBC youth leader), Dr. Randy Sanders (our family dentist and an elder at RBC)... Both were here in April as well, scouting for this trip. They brought with them 7 of the youth from church.  They went out to Ch’ol country with Nathan for a few days and had a really great trip.  They set up a medical clinic (with the help of the Rivas Family).

August is turning out to be incredibly busy, so we’ll have a lot to tell you about when it’s all over.  Thank you in advance for your prayers for us the next few weeks… we are all going to need them!

In His hands, Julie (for Nathan, Cloe, Gabi, and tiny #3)