August 2009

It’s hard to believe September is here already!  August went by at lightning speed.  Our home church sent a team in July that left the 1st of August. After a quick trip to Guatemala to renew our visas and vehicle paperwork, we did our best to get ready for the next team!  Steven Curry flew into Tuxtla on the 4th, to help Nathan drive two vehicles to Villa Hermosa on the 5th, to pick up a group of 9 young people from Global Encounters.  They left early the next morning for 5 days in the Zoque jungle.  They visited 2 villages each day.  In every village the team put on a program for the local kids, while Nathan and a few team members ran the Pure Water Project. Everything went very smoothly and a lot of ground was covered.  They arrived here in San Cristobal on the 10th and the girls and I finally got to meet all of them!  This was SUCH a wonderful team and we were so grateful to have them around.  They spent a day out at the orphanage in Teopisca just an hour away, then we were able to have them here with us for the next 6 days!  They were a huge help with several projects around here, the main one being building windows and doors for Joel’s house out in Tortugero.  Some of the other projects included work on our home addition (yay for progress!!!), transcribing the rest of the Spiritual Warfare video, and reproducing around 300 NT audio CDs to be distributed in the jungle.  Aside from all of this, they were a huge help when it came time for Gabi’s 2nd birthday party!  We really were sad to see them leave.  Early on the morning of the 17th, Nathan and the team loaded up and headed out to Ch’ol territory.  While there, they had the same basic plan as what they carried out in Zoque.  While part of the team did children’s programs, Nathan took the other part to do the Pure Water Project and work on Joel’s house.  The original plan was to incorporate a medical mission into this trip as well, but the Rivas family was forced to cancel at the last minute.  Because of that, Nathan will be going back to this area the end of September to make up for the lost days of a free clinic that people were expecting to be there.  The GE team flew out early morning of the 22nd, and Nathan was home that night, just in time for dinner! 

The night of the 21st, something truly wonderful happened. Help arrived!!!  Anna Dickie flew down from KY to live with us for a few months and just help out here around the house and with the girls.  She’s only been here 10 days, and she’s already been a huge blessing!  After so many weeks of not seeing much of Nathan, it has been great to have this sweet girl here, encouraging us to go get lunch together, visit the midwife together, etc.  I wish I could express my gratitude!  Cloe and Gabi both love “Miss Anna” and we thank God every day for her being here with us. 

last week of Aug was pretty much spent playing catch-up, especially for Nathan.  He had an overwhelming stack of e-mails waiting for his reply when he got back home.  He is also about to make a run up to the US border to pick up a load of filters, equipment, car parts and such.  So getting things ready and sent to the pick-up spot in TX has been time consuming.  Amin came up from the Zoque jungle for that last week, so he and Nathan and Joel have been doing a lot of recording and working on getting materials produced in the Zoque language. Last night they finished chapter 13 of Acts and the rest of Romans (chap 9-16)!  Also, the text translation and the audio recording of the 5 week John study and Knowing God Personally is complete.

On the home front, we’re at 34 weeks down and only 6 to go before the new baby (Brennah Leigh) arrives!  Yes, she’s had a name change.  But this should be the last one!   We do SO appreciate your prayers for us and Brennah in the next few weeks.  Once she is born (we believe at this point that a home birth is the safest and best option for us) we will have just a few weeks to get her registered and get all the necessary paperwork to go up to the US for Christmas.  We’re still trying to figure out the details of all of that, but it looks like it means a trip to the Embassy in Mexico City .  Hopefully it’s not as complicated as it sounds.  It will all be much simpler if she will make her appearance sooner than later!  Our current hope/prayer is that this baby will come at least on (or preferably a little before) her due date of Oct 21st.

Thank you for your continual encouragement and support.  Doing what God has brought us to do here is made easier knowing that we have so many people behind us, praying for us, and wanting to help wherever they can.  You are such a blessing to our family!  Know that we pray for you, too.

Love, Julie (for Nathan, Cloe, Gabi, and Brennah too)