September 2009

Fall in San Cristobal looks very much like summer and spring in San Cristobal !   It's always rather lush and green here, even though the weather does get a tad bit cooler and the rains slow down. We feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful place and hope you can come visit someday!

September… ah, where to begin? The first week was spent catching up in the office and recording with Amin.  We were just so excited to have Nathan home for 2 weeks in a row!  Though much of his 2 weeks home was spent getting ready to leave again, we were thankful to be able to do it together.  On the 12th, Nathan left for the US border to pick up a load of much-needed supplies.  We've had some equipment die, some vehicle parts give out, and were running low on water filters.  After many plan changes and thinking through all the options, we finally decided that Nathan just needed to get up there and get these things.  The 13th of Sep marked 7 years of marital bliss for us!  We have yet to actually celebrate, since Nathan was on the road that day!  Regardless, I spent the day remembering our wedding and the many wonderful days that followed.  I am so very grateful to be married to such a precious man who is so good to me and his daughters!  But to return to our story... Nathan returned from the US on the 17th.  We were relieved that he made it all the way up to TX and back, alone, without any vehicle issues or anything!  After getting everything unloaded from his trip, we enjoyed going through some very fun surprises... like Root Beer!!!  One of those random cravings that I begged him to bring back here for me, and he did!.

Just a few days after getting back from the border trip, Nathan had to leave for the Ch'ol jungle.  So those days between trips were very full and busy, getting all the supplies ready for him to take out there.  This included burning (then labeling, stuffing in envelopes and colating) over 1,000 CDs for Nathan to take to the pastors conference on the 26th.

The majority of these were the 20 disc set needed for each Audio NT in Ch’ol.  The team here has been recording this, trying to get it finished in time for the conference. They have everything but Revelation done, so they will hand out what they have of the NT right now, then add the Revelation discs later.  During his week in the jungle, Nathan coordinated the medical team from Villa Hermosa, installed PWP filter systems, installed the kitchen in Joel’s mission house, ran the pastor’s conference and met with some future team members. The pastor's conference went well, they were expecting as many as 40 pastors and were glad to see 18 show up. This event led to many new requests for filters, medical teams, and a general acknowledgment that the audio NT is a much needed tool.  They are very excited to get it, and are looking forward to using it in their churches.  

On the home front, we've just passed 38 weeks and the mid-wife is saying that Brennah could make her appearance any day now.  We are praying that this is the case!  There are several compelling reasons that we hope she's born soon, one of them being that our mid-wife is leaving for the US on the 16th for a whole month!  We'd greatly appreciate your prayers in all of this.  That Brennah will come very soon, for a safe and healthy home-birth, and for smooth sailing as we rush to get her paperwork done in time to go home for Christmas.  We'll be sure to send you a little birth announcement e-mail once she arrives!

God bless, Julie