November 2010

I admit to writing this update with a big goofy grin on my face. I'm writing from my sister (Kimberly's) couch, with my new (2 week old!) nephew sleeping on my shoulder. Needless to say, Micah's birth was a November highlight! I am very grateful for the opportunity to be here with my family for this week.

November was wonderful! I thoroughly enjoy being home with my girls and sweet husband. We had a great Thanksgiving with 8 friends joining us at our table. Really though, how could we not have a great Thanksgiving when we have SO much to be thankful for? One thing high on our list is Katie Steele. She helped with office projects some, and helped me in the house even more! She had to cut her trip a little short and will be going home next week, which we are all (especially Cloe and Gabi) a little sad about. But we are so grateful for all she has done during her time with us!

In the office, Nathan has been working on making illustrated Bible videos with some help from Steven and Grace Curry and Katie. You can see how they are coming at There was a huge amount of progress made on the orphanage playground! But I will save pictures of that for next month. Nathan has also been working on getting our FM3 work visas. We have been able to make a little progress on the upstairs addition, though there is a long ways to go still! If you have ever wanted to join a construction team for a mission project, we could really use your help this next spring! Contact Nathan at if you would like more info or you can visit our needs page.

I can hardly wait to send you an email next month, telling you about our Christmas at the orphanage. I just know it is going to be incredible, largely due to those of you who gave so generously in order to give those sweet kids a memorable Christmas. If you gave toward this project, remember I still need your picture to give the kids with your gift. If you are wanting to contribute, it's not too late! I will do some more shopping for them this week. Any funds received after that will be added to the cash gift we are going to give the orphanage director. Please just reply to this email if you would like more details! And keep an eye on my blog... I will post pictures on there as soon after Christmas morning as I can.

Wherever and however you are spending the holidays this year, we pray that it will be blessed and a time of making lots of sweet memories with those you love.

Merry CHRISTmas!

Love, Julie (for Nathan, Cloe, Gabi and Brennah too!)