December 2010

I love December!  I love all the Christmas decorations, music, movies, and wrapping gifts.  I love the wonder on my kid's faces when we talk about God, Creator of the universe, coming to earth as a tiny helpless baby.  About the multitude of angels singing about Jesus' birth.  What other time in all of history has that happened??  Yes, I think God is a fan of celebrating Jesus' birth as well. :)

Most of my December was taken up with the orphanage Christmas project!  We were thrilled at the response from so many people, and kept going shopping thinking it would be our last chance to get stuff for the kids.  Then another donation would come in and we'd get so excited!  In the end, we were able to take a truck and trailer load of gifts to Casa Hogar on Christmas morning and we had such a blast doing it. If you would like to read the detailed report (and see a bunch more pictures!) you can visit my blog  While it was hard to be away from my family for the holidays, the memories we made at the orphanage will not soon be forgotten.

The other big event for me last month was getting to fly to CO (thanks to a very sweet friend and a very sweet gift!) to visit my little sister and her new baby!  It was a wonderful 9 days and I loved every minute.  Nathan was amazing and stayed here taking care of all 3 of our girls (we were both so grateful that Katie Steele was still here to help with everything) and they were all alive and well when I returned!  It was hard to be away from them for that long, but I really am so grateful that I had the chance to go.

Nathan and Steven worked on vehicle maintence, and the catwalk for our upstairs addition last month.  Since it is the 3rd floor of our building, there was no way to access the outside for stucco, repairs, etc.  I think it's so cool that I have a husband who thinks of these things ahead of time and actually plans for them!  The construction is moving along very slowly, but progress is progress in my mind.  There are plans being made for a construction team to help Nathan finish up so we can actually move upstairs!!  If you are interested in coming down to help with that project, anytime between March 25 and April 23 would be great.  If you're not a construction-type person but still want to help, we are lacking funding for most of the work left to be done.  You can see our calendar on the home page for open dates.

Nathan completed most of the preparation of the documents needed for our new Visas, but when he went to the office to turn them in he found they were closed for a 4 week vacation!  So the battle continues on that front... please keep praying with us for our FM3s to be completed!

We're excited about everything on the calendar for 2011, and so thankful for the part you played in the ministry God's given us in 2010.

Love, Julie