February 2010

February was crazy busy!  By Feb 1st, the GE team (5 girls and 2 guys) had been here over a week already, and starting week 2 of language school.  Since we were hosting the team, the school let me attend with them for free!  We were so excited about that!  After living here 4 1/2 years, I am still nowhere near fluent in Spanish, which is frustrating.  But language school is not cheap, so it's never really been a viable option for me.  This was an awesome opportunity.  I did not feel recovered from our trip to the US by any means, but didn't feel like I could pass up the offer!  I have to thank Nathan, once again, for encouraging me to go.  He took care of the 3 girls all morning, every day while I went to school.  He was an incredible help as I attempted to keep up with school, homework, the girls and feeding all of us and our team!  In the middle of the 4 week trip, several of the team members got sick!  The next day, I got it.  By the end of the week, all but 2 or 3 of us had this nasty bug.  We were so incredibly grateful for Nathan's IV starting skills.  He nursed all of us back to health in no time.  I ended up missing the last week of language school due to Cloe and Brennah getting sick.  But the 3 weeks that I got were a tremendous help!

During their month here, the GE team worked on materials for kids programs to be used down here.  They translated stories and songs, and filmed skits for teaching purposes.  We're excited about the potential for these materials for kids programs out in the villages!  The team also took a trip to the Ch'ol jungle with Nathan.  With the short three days they had there, they accomplished SO much!  26 PWP water filters were installed, and they put on 2 children's programs!

Also in Feb, Cloe turned 5!!!  It's so hard to believe how fast 5 yrs have flown by.  Every birthday that we celebrate around here is a reminder to me to enjoy every minute with my little ones.  This is a challenge sometimes, amidst the monotony of diapers and potty training and constant toddler messes!  But then reality strikes and I realize how fast these years are going by. Stephen Muldrow arrived. He has already been a big help around here. March is already turning out to be a good month... but you will have to wait a few weeks to hear about it!  I will tell you though, that on March 1st,

We've got the website back up and recoverred from the virus!  If you go into "Archives" you can see pictures of the last several months.

 God bless you and your loved ones this month!


(for Nathan, Cloe, Gabi and Brennah too)