March 2010

Spring is in the air! As I type, I can hear at least a dozen birds in the trees outside our window, and my allergies are going nuts! Yep, Spring has arrived. It has taken me a few years of living here to notice that there are definite changes in seasons here. At first I thought the only change was that it's either rainy, or dry. Because it's always green around here and never snows! Now I realize that the season change is definitely there, it is just more subtle than what I am used to seeing back home in Colorado.

March 1st we had a new friend arrive! Stephen Muldrow is from Houston, TX and just came to get a hands-on missions experience. He left to go back to TX on the 2nd of this month. The first week of March we also had Steve Haag and 2 of his friends here from GA. All 4 of those guys, plus Nathan and Cloe, made a quick trip to the Zoque jungle. This was Cloe's first jungle trip, and she was THRILLED! She packed 3 bags to take with her on her overnight adventure. The goal of the trip was to install one of the new smokeless stove systems in a home. We were curious as to how it would be recieved, but SO excited to see the enthusiasm on the faces of the new stove owners. Our guys were very diplomatic in assuming they would want to keep the old open-fire pit, but the lady of the house asked them to take it out altogether, right off the bat! The new stove works amazingly well and there are requests for more out in the villages.

Nathan and Stephen managed to get a lot of office time in March as well. They are almost done getting the skits made by the GE team on DVDs, ready for use. They also worked on the print version Gospel of John in Ch’ol, type setting and pre-press work. As well as El Camino a Jesus (in Spanish) type setting and pre-press work. Not to mention getting the `09 taxes filed! Yep, he's been really busy this past month.

we've been distributing. They seem to be working great and hopefully will cut down on some of the broken bucket and filter issues people have been having. They will also make the filters more practical for those of us who are vertically challenged. ;) Stephen and Nathan have been working on developing a simple wooden stand for the filter systems.

 The guys also took a trip out to Ch'ol last month. They visited 13 villages and installed 25 filter systems! Every time Nathan returns from a visit to Ch'ol country, he can't say enough about how open and excited the people are there. They are eating up the Scripture materials he gives them, and requests for the filter systems are coming in faster than we can keep up! Please pray for the Zoque, they are much less open to God's word.

We hope you had a wonderful Easter and are enjoying Springtime wherever you are!


(for Nathan, Cloe, Gabi and Breezy too!)