April 2010

Amin, our friend from the Zoque jungle arrived mid April with his new wife! He has been working long days with Nathan and Joel to finish the Zoque New Testament recordings. They complete about 5 chapters a day on a good day. So far they have finished Matthew and Luke and are working in Revelation.

Nathan has also been helping Martin Ricci paint his new cabin in the mountains above San Cristobal. It has been a blessing for us to be able to help this family that has been such a huge help to us. They run a local car parts store where they provide us with auto parts for the mission vehicles at cost.  Last month Nathan replaced the radiator in the black Chevy for $520 less than the street price! 

One last random note before I close... I started two blogs in the last few months.  One is just my thoughts and ramblings: http://juliediterrell.wordpress.com/  The other is a pic-a-day blog.  I'm attempting to take and post at least one picture a day, for the next year. http://julies30thyear.wordpress.com/  Feel free to check them out! 

God bless, Julie

(for Nathan, Cloe, Gabi and Brennah too)

While I realize that I was a bit late getting our March update out, it seems very unreal that it's already time to write April's update.  Where did the month go???

The first big April event was a tour group that arrived from Mexico City.  They contracted Nathan for 9 days of sight-seeing and adventures all over our beautiful state.  This job was a huge answer to prayer.  Even as Nathan was gone with this group, our refrigerator finally kicked the bucket.  As soon as he walked in the door and smelled the souring food, he said "let's go get a new fridge."  So we did!  Watching God provide for our needs is never a boring event.  Sometimes He sends someone out of the blue with the item we've been praying for.  Sometimes He provides work to enable us to purchase the item ourselves.  But whatever the situation, He always provides.  It's hard describe the peace that comes with serving a God who is so in control and conscious of our "needs" (either real or imagined) on a day-to-day basis.

Nathan returned from his tour exhausted and sunburned, but excited!  One of the families he was with wants to help make our next purchase of 1000 water filters.  They gave half the needed funds.  With another donation from last year that puts us at $3,500!  We only need another $1,500 to make the order.  If you are interested in helping reach that goal, let us know!  It's exciting to be getting so close.  It's also exciting to realize that we already need to make another order.  The Pure Water Project has been very successful, and the doors being opened through it are tremendous.