May 2010

Little did we know, God was already working on her heart toward coming back here!  She has been straight up stress-relief and a ton of help in only 2 weeks! She helps up here in our house with meals and the girls, is going to language school two days a week, and is also working on translating materials into Spanish for the kid's programs that GE will be using this summer.  I'm not sure when she sleeps.  She's a busy girl, and we are so glad she's here!

After we got home from our trip, Nathan and Steve took a quick trip out to Zoque and the land in San Fernando.  Nathan had been told of a Zoque village that had a strong church in it.  They went in hopes of finding some evangelistic/discipleship-minded leaders.  Instead, they found a Spanish-speaking church that has a burden to church-plant in their neighboring Zoque villages.  Not what we thought we were going for, but still great!  Right now, Nathan is making plans to start working with this church in Llano Grande next month when the next Global Encounters team arrives.  At our land San Fernando, Nathan and Steve were successful in arranging the water connection for the mission house!  One more step accomplished there.

Nathan also spent a few days working on our vehicles.  Oil changes, shock absorbers, thermostat and radiator fixes, and mystery squeeling brakes to figure out!  The roads down here make for a lot more car maintenance issues, and we have several vehicles to keep up with.  But I have to say that Nathan does a really great job of this!  I don't know how he knows so much about so many things, but I am grateful for it!

Here at home, things are picking up speed.  Literally.  Brennah has gotten really fast running around in her little walker!  She has cut two teeth so far, with 3 more on the way.  She's still not a big fan of sleeping at night, which is rather exhausting, but she's such a good baby during the day that it's hard to complain!  Gabi has two speeds... stopped or full speed run.  She is tons of fun, and just recently has started being able to identify every letter in the alphabet!  Cloe is growing at lightning speeds, loving her weekly ballet class, and learning to read!

Blessings, Julie (for Nathan, Cloe, Gabi and Brennah too)

June has arrived!  Rainy season was slow to get started this year, but it's officially here now.  I've been enjoying the cozy afternoons, listening to the rain on the skylights in our sunroom.  It's amusing to me how my perspective on the rain has changed since we first moved here.  It used to strike me as so depressing and gloomy... now I find myself describing it as cozy and exotic!  Thank you God, for perspective changes!!

We got to take a little family vacation last month!  Our dear friends Nicky and Janie Rider had business up in Merida, and invited us to come join them.  There was only a little work involved, helping them get their website back online.  But it was definitely a break from our normal routine!  We had such a wonderful time!  The girls spent hours upon hours searching for seashells and seaweed worms.  The house we stayed at basically had it's own private beach.  We only saw 4 other people out there the entire time!  We also got to drive over to Cancun for 1 night with our friends the Riccis!  Once there we picked up Steve Haag, then headed back to Merida for one more night.  Then home again!  It was a long drive, but a great trip.  I look back on those days at the beach as the calm before the storm.  Because things are about to get REAL busy around here, with little to no family time!

The day before we got home from Merida, an angel from heaven flew in!  Well, technically it was Amy from Iowa.  But she's an angel in my book!  You may remember the Global Encounters language team that was here in February.  Amy was part of that team!  We came to love her over those 4 weeks and told her she was welcome back any time.