June 2010

Stephenie Zgorzynski is a sweet young lady (17 yrs old) from our church in Aurora.  She arrived on the 16th of June, just in time for some last minute prep for our first team!  We're so very grateful for her sweet servant's heart.. she has been a great blessing to us!

Saturday the 19th, we drove to Tuxtla to pick up 22 people from Georgia.  Several of the team had been here before, and it was good to see them again,  The rest, it was good to meet!  The very next day, 16 of the 22 left for the Zoque jungle.  They did a mini-VBS out there for 2 days!  I say "mini" meaning they didn't have a lot of time.  But it certainly wasn't small!  They had 100-120 kids both days!  They did music, crafts, games and missions.  The children had a GREAT time, as did the team!  The 6 guys who didn't go out for VBS stayed here to help with other projects.  They helped Nathan build and install a tire swing for the kids at the orphanage, learned how to install water filters and the new stoves, and got to see a little bit of San Cristobal.  A few days later, they traded places!  The 6 guys and Nathan headed out to Zoque with a load of new stoves.  Before they could get all the way out there though, their truck died!  Actually, it was Nathan's dad's truck that they were borrowing to haul all the heavy material.  That set them back many hours and made for a much more complicated trip of stove installations, but they still got it done.  9 stoves and 3 filters installed in just a few days!  They really did an exceptional job, and came back to San Cristobal completely wiped out.  In the meantime, the 16 people here in San Cris (14 girls, 2 guys) spent a day at the orphanage in Teopisca, went shopping in town, and enjoyed hot showers and real beds.

I should mention here that I cracked my tooth several weeks ago.  It's been slowly getting worse and more painful, so I went to a local dentist to get it checked out.  Long story short, we decided the safest/cheapest option would be to fly home to CO and let our wonderful dentist work on it.  So at 1 am Saturday, I confirmed a flight, and at 7 am Sunday, I was on it!  Just Brennah and I went on this quick run to the US, and Nathan stayed home with the big girls (thanks to much help from Miss Stephenie).  The team from Georgia flew home just an hour after I did.  The following 6 days were CRAZY for me and Brennah!  Dr. Randy Sanders (the BEST dentist ever) fixed my tooth, and I was able to see lots of family for just a little bit.  There were a ton of other people I wanted to see, but just didn't have time.  Still, I'm grateful for the time I got... it was precious.  And my tooth feels better!  Thank you SO much, Dr. Randy, for working me into your busy schedule and fixing me up, and thank you to my wonderful parents for helping with the plane ticket! If it weren't for you, I would still be dreading every meal.

I don't want to tell you too much about July, but let me just say this... it's crazy!!!  Nathan left just this-morning with the current Global Encounters team for 5 days in the Zoque jungle.  Stephenie, the girls, and I are trying to recover from last week and prepare for next week (more team hosting).  Since we are using a new program for our web site building, I have no clue how to get it updated anymore. But I really really wanted to get this out to you ASAP!  It's almost mid-July already, for crying out loud!  So for now, if you want to look at pictures, you can go to my photo-blog where I post every day.  Here's the addy: http://julies30thyear.wordpress.com  This weekend, once Nathan is back to help me, we'll get the website updated and then send you a note to let you know it's up.  In the meantime, please keep the current team in your prayers as they install water filters, spread the good news of Jesus, and work with the children of the Zoque jungle!

With love, Julie (for Nathan, Cloe, Gabi, and Brennah too!)

June was action-packed for us!  I'll try to keep this relatively short.

Nathan and Steven took a fast trip out to Zoque to do a bit more scouting last month.  They visited a number of villages, met some new friends, and gathered valuable information for future work in the area.  Progress with the Zoque feels very slow and tedious, but we are trusting that God is working there amidst the obvious stronghold that the enemy has out there.

We are deep into rainy season, and have had several storms now that brought 5-7 days of solid rain.  This tends to make my active children very stir-crazy, but it's incredibly lush and green and beautiful outside!  Aslo on the home-front, we've been fighting with sleeping arrangements.  We have learned that Brennah is capable of sleeping 10-12 hrs at night, but only if she's in her own room/space.  She is a light sleeper!  For about a week, we put the big girls on a pallate on the floor in our room and let Brennah have their bedroom to herself.  She slept great!!!  But the big girls didn't, which means Nathan and I didn't really either.  All of this made me long for the day when the upstairs of our house is finished and we can all sleep comfortably.  In the very least, I hoped it would get the baby into a good sleeping habit.  So far, that hasn't happened yet.

Much of June was spent preparing for this summer's mission teams.  A few of the vehicles needed a little work, so that kept Nathan and Steven busy for a couple days.  Just as I was starting to freak out about how crazy our summer was going to be, God sent backup!