September & October 2010

Happy November!! We have just arrived back in San Cristobal last Friday after traveling for two whole months. We put another 8,000 miles on our Yukon without incident... The last couple thousand of those hauling a trailer!  We want you to know how thankful we are for your prayers as we covered all that ground.

October was busy but great. We picked up Katie Steele on October 12th at the Denver airport and left CO on the 14th. (Katie has been to Chiapas with 2 previous GE teams) From there we spent a few days in Dallas, then Tyler, then Houston, then McAllen! All along the way we were blessed by time spent with so many friends, old and new. Nathan was able to speak at several churches along the way, and we were so encouraged by people's excitement over the things happening in Chiapas.  Not the least of which being the Orphanage Christmas project!  I am thrilled at the amount of gifts we’ll be bringing to the orphanage on Christmas morning… I can hardly wait to see their faces!  If you want to get in on the giving, it’s not too late!  You can check my blog for details.

Our return load consisted of; 
600 water filters. This many should last for the next 2-4 years! 
Christmas gifts for the orphans of Casa Hogar Caanan 
Playground Hardware, slides, swings and parts to finish the play ground at the orphanage. 
Recording equipment and hardware for the office work Nathan does.
Enough of the hard to find grocery items (like chocolate chips, black olives and Celestial Seasonings!) and girl's clothes to make us through another year of life here in Chiapas.

We have a big need right now and we would like to ask for your help. Our family has outgrown the size of our house. Nathan’s dad helped us start the addition upstairs last year and it has been crawling along ever since. We don’t have the finances to finish it, and Nathan could use help during the last week of March and the whole month of April if you want to come get your hands dirty. Our needs page has more details, and you can contact us if you are interested. 

One last request for you!  The months of traveling craziness sort of shot our immune systems, I think.  Brennah and I have been fighting some weird cold/cough thing since just before we got home.  It sure would be nice to be healthy again so we can really get back into the swing of things here.  We would so appreciate your prayers for restored health!

We pray that your Thanksgiving is a blessed one, surrounded by those you love!
(for Nathan, Cloe, Gabi and Brennah too!)

September –

Most of you have alrewady recieved our September update. We sent it as an email while we were still in the USA. We include it here for those of you who "missed out"... our lives my be boring but they will be well documented.

Greetings from beautiful, colorful Colorado!  It's so great to be back here this time of year... it's unbelievably gorgeous!

We wanted to send you a quick note to let you know we're still traveling.  September went by way too fast, full of driving (a couple thousand miles so far, without incident!!!), visiting friends and family and churches.  There have been a few unexpected twists and turns, but in the end we've been reminded of God's kindness and compassion towards us.

On Sep 8th, my mom suffered a stroke.  The doctors say it was massive and she should not even be able to speak yet.  But here we are, almost 4 weeks later, and she is getting better at communicating every day!  She can get out whole sentences, and we're reminded again what a strong and determined woman she is!  Tests are still being run to determine cause, and we would appreciate your prayers in that area.  It would be nice to have some answers.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning is a really big test that they are going to put my mom under for.  We are all a little nervous about that one, and would really appreciate your prayers that all would go well.  Of course, we'd also appreciate your prayers for my mom's quick and complete recovery, and for her patience and perseverance in the meantime. (October update to this note... my mom is recovering well and while she still has some obstacles, progress is being made.)

We are very excited about the response we have seen from the churches we have been able to visit so far. Nathan has been busy with several office items like coordinating teams planning on coming this next year, getting licensed for the Illustrated Bible photos, and learning about some new techniques for discipleship and evangelism that are being used in the world of missions.

I also wanted to remind you of the opportunity to be part of the orphanage Christmas!  If you want to give to a certain category (toys is the only one that is pretty well covered), we need to hear from you in the next week or so.  Check my blog for details!  You are most welcome to send a money gift after the Oct 15 deadline, but it will then go to the Orphanage General Blessing fund, to fill whichever need they feel the most for Christmas.  Before the 15th, we would love for you to tell us exactly WHAT gift you want us to take to the orphanage for you.  A school desk, school supplies, a piece of playground equipment, etc.  Don't forget to include your picture (or your family, or whoever is going in on the gift with you) for us to give the orphans.  Then we will take pictures and be sure you get to see how their faces light up on Christmas morning! :)  Feel free to contact me with questions.

We will update our website when we get back to San Cristobal the end of this month.  Until then you can keep up with my daily photo-blog if you just want to see pics of the comings and goings!  Thank you for your prayers as we travel over the next few weeks.

God bless,

Julie (for Nathan, Cloe, Gabi and Brennah too!)