October 2011

The holidays are upon us already! I hope that whatever your plans include, you are looking forward to them! We will be here in Chiapas for Thanksgiving and Christmas again this year. Which reminds me to mention again (in case you missed it last month) about the orphanage Christmas project. You can e-mail me back, or check out my blog for details if you'd like to be a part of it!

October was really great! The first 5 days of the month found us in Villa Hermosa, taking our little friend Victor to doctor's appointments. He is SUCH a sweet boy, and we loved getting to know him. After 2 1/2 days of waiting in lines for appointments, then test results, then consultations... they decided there is no tumor. The "educated guess" was some sort of fungal infection in his brain. They set up a follow-up appointment for Nov 28th, and sent him home with a month-long regimen of antibiotics. Please keep him in your prayers! Because he lives so far out in the jungle, we have had no contact with him all month. So we have no idea if the antibiotics worked or not! We will know more by the end of November though. Cloe, especially, took to Victor. On our last day together, we went to a McDonalds that had a large play place. She gently coached him through the tunnels, up the ladders, over the nets, and down the slides... I've never seen a little boy smile so big!! He had a great time, I think. Though he was not fond of our weird food, (KFC, McDonalds, etc.) and kept asking for corn tortillas instead. :) Thank you for praying for him... please keep it up, and we'll keep you posted!

The rest of our month was business as usual! Nathan worked on the construction of the upstairs addition, inluding the contruction and installation of a septic tank. You can click here to see the latest construction update video we posted today! We are hoping to move in over the course of the next two weeks. Prayers for speedy work (and patience) would be appreciated, as we are all sharing one tiny bedroom right now! Anyone want to come over and help build the stairs?? I'll make brownies! ;)

We started studying a different country every week as part of our school! The girls have been enjoying the themed dinners and special coloring pages.

Not much happened in the office last month. Just a bit of coordination for teams coming in the near future, etc. We are also getting better about thinking way down the road, buying needed items from the US, and having them shipped to incoming team members. Being able to do this has been a HUGE help to us, as well as a lot of other people here. There are SO many items that we can't get here, and MANY more that we can't find good quality/price for. It's an incredible blessing to have teams who are willing to bring stuff for us.

We celebrated Brennah's 2nd birthday last month! It's hard to believe our baby is 2 already. But she is [most of the time] an absolute delight, and we are so thankful God put her in our family!

As always, we want you to know how thankful we are for you. For your random notes of encouragement, your prayers, and your support.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Julie (for all of us!)