November & December 2011

2 months in 1 update... buckle your seatbelts!

Most of Nov. was spent building a stairwell and working on the upstairs addition... with a little office work thrown in! We had a good Thanksgiving, and hope yours was special too! We've become much more adept at making our own traditions, and really enjoy inviting new families/friends to join us every year for a quiet (or not so quiet, but relaxing!) dinner. We also did a party for Cloe and Gabi's ballet class the week before, which was SO fun and crazy! We hadn't moved upstairs yet, so our bed (which was in the hallway) became the party trampoline! 

We moved in upstairs the week after Thanksgiving!! There are still plenty of details to finish, but at least we can live in it. We want to say a huge THANK YOU to those of you who sent gifts designated to helping us finish our addition. Truly, words c an not describe how grateful we are and how incredibly blessed we feel. I have posted pictures of the current state of the house on my blog. I'm sure I'll post another one when it's actually finished and decorated! 

Victor had his follow-up appointment the Monday after Thanksgiving. The month of antibiotics (which actually turned out to be anti-inflamatories) did nothing to help his vision. The eye doctor referred him to a neurologist, who ordered an MRI. Results will be in... eventually. Last we checked, the neuro doctor is still on Christmas break. Victor will have a follow up apointment based on those results. The current diagnosis says that he will not be able to regain his vision (medically speaking. Of course miracles are still on the table!) The remaining tests are to rule out issues that could lead to further sensory loss. Please continue praying, and we'll keep you posted!

December was action packed! We had a team from TX arrive on the 10th and leave on the 22nd. They did a LOT while they were here... including building (start to finish) a stairwell for the orphanage. They also took a trip to the Tojolab al villages and installed 18 filters and 4 stoves, while getting to visit and minister to a lot of families and individuals. That team certainly got a full taste of mission life... we kept `em busy! After they left, my days were packed with preparation for our Orphanage Christmas project! It was a great success (once again, thanks to many generous people!) and you can see a bunch of pictures from the day here on my blog.

After years of dreaming, our search for a travel trailer has begun in earnest. We are planning a trip to the US this spring, and according to my map, we will log over 8,500 miles during those 2 months! I don't even want to think about how many nights in hotels and fast food meals it would add up to. But we have come to realize that this would be the perfect time to find a trailer. Not only for the long road trips, but to enable us to all go to the jungle together as a family instead of me staying behind with the girls all the time (we've been home alone for 16 of the last 24 days)! We're looking for something 30' long or less. If you have any information that might help us in our search, will you let us know?

Thank you for your friendship and support in 2011. We look forward to seeing what God has i n store for 2012, and hope you'll join us for the ride!
Happy New Year!

With love, Julie Terrell (for Nathan and the girls too!)