February 2011

Can it really be March already??  I keep rechecking the calendar, but I think it's official.  Time to tell you about February!

As I wrote in my last update, we had a Global Encounters language team arrive at the end of January.  They left for home on Sunday.  I think their 5 week Chiapas adventure was really good, and they all speak much more Spanish now than they did when they arrived!  You can check their blog for details of their trip (in their own words).

I am sorry to say we still don't have our website fixed and updated!  Looks like we are going to need to just bite the bullet and buy the newer software.  Hopefully by next month we will be up and running again.  I am trying to keep up my photo-blog though, so you can keep track of us there and at my other blog “thoughts from paradise

In short, my month was spent grocery shopping and cooking for the team, and Nathan's was all in the upstairs construction!  It is really paying off though... Progress is being made and we are getting so excited about this dream becoming a reality!  The hope is that we will be able to move into those rooms toward the end of April!! If you are interested we have uploaded two short progress videos to youtube you can view those here. 1 and 2

In His hands, Julie