March 2011

March is so beautiful here in San Cristobal. We get the occasional rain, but it is mostly sunny and 70! If ever you want to visit us here, March is a good time!

The first week of March was our last week with the GE Language Team. When they left for the US, so did I! I am a little embarrassed to say that I cracked another tooth. But unlike last summer, we knew better than to mess around with it. We bought the first cheap ticket we could find! As much as I hated to do that, I am glad we did... That tooth never got as bad as the one I cracked last summer! Once again, we are exceedingly grateful for Dr. Randy. His generosity and amazing dentistry skills have been a huge blessing to us. The morning after I flew in to CO, I went straight to Dr. Randy's and got a temporary crown! A couple days later I was able to fly to MI to spend a couple days with my dear friend, Amanda. I mentioned her and her daughter Kate in my last couple of emails, and you can read about Kate's fight with cancer on my blog. Please continue to pray for this sweet family! I was so glad to be able to see them for a few days, then I went back to CO to get the rest of the work done on my teeth. During my time in CO, my sister Kimberly was amazing. She let me borrow her car for my appointments and errands, kept me loaded up on yummy food, and was just generally wonderful! I am so thankful for her.

While I was in CO, Nathan was here at home with all 3 girls! He is so great with them, and I still am not sure that they missed me at all! They had a ton on fun here with their daddy. He has been working a lot on the house addition, doing everything he can to get it finished. But life is still happening elsewhere, so it's hard to devote 100% of his time and energy to it! For example, our friend from the Zoque jungle (Amin) has been here for a couple weeks now, working on translation and recording projects. Nathan has also spent a lot of time in the office working on details and corresponding with the many teams and groups coming down over the next 6 months. We are looking at a very busy summer!

My photo-blog is current, so you can see evidence of our lives there and on my regular blog where I post random things when I have time. Nathan has also posted a couple videos on youtube of the construction progress. You can go to his channel and watch them here:

We would so appreciate your prayers as we head into "team season." I have a hard time juggling the homeschooling, ministry work, household stuff, and team-hosting at times! Nathan has an awful lot on his plate too, and our sincere desire is to do our very best with all the responsibilities God has given us.

Thank you for your love and support!


Julie for the Terrells