May 2011

Most of our month was occupied hosting a team of 7 young people from Houston, TX. They were here with us for a little over 2 weeks, so May was spent preparing, hosting, then recovering. It was a really great team, and we loved having them here! They spent almost a week in the Ch'ol jungle, playing with kids, installing water filter systems, and recording the book of Acts in Ch'ol. Then after a few days at our house, they went to the Tojolabal jungle to scout out some villages for future teams, filter interest, etc. The last few days of their trip were spent at the orphanage, shopping, and a little sight-seeing. One thing that made this team a bit different is that several of the team members were siblings. That just made it all more fun! Siblings are awesome, aren't they?? Speaking of siblings...

One of the highlights of the month (okay maybe the year!) was my little brother Timothy coming for a visit! He was here for 15 wonderful days. He's the first of my siblings to come to Chiapas, so I was absolutely thrilled to show him around! We had SO much fun visiting my favorite restaurants, cafes, the Tuxtla zoo and canyon boat ride, and spending many hours just talking late into the night. Cloe, Gabi and Brennah all warmed up to "Unca Timfy" in about 10 minutes and loved getting to spend so much time with him. What precious memories! I am so thankful that he was able come down.

Several people have asked why I stopped doing the photo-a-day blog. It's simple really... it was time-consuming! My original goal was to post every single day for my 30th year. As of April 24th, that was accomplished! But I'm still posting on my regular blog if you'd like to keep up with us that way.

Just a couple things that technically aren't about May at all. But they are a bit too urgent to wait for next month's update!
#1: Kate. I've mentioned her several times regarding her battle with cancer... not something a 4 yr old should have to do! She received her first blood transfusion today, as her counts were dangerously low. See my blog post to get up to speed if you like, but *please* keep Kate and her family in your prayers!

#2: We had a car accident a couple weeks ago. None of our team was hurt, but the car that hit us was totaled and their passenger got a good bump on her head. Everyone is fine physically, but because of the bizarre legal system here, Nathan had to pay for basically everything... even though he was not at fault. Our trailer suffered a major hit that will likely take around $2,000 to fix. In the meantime, we are so thankful that no one was really hurt... it could've been so much worse.

#3: Nathan and our current GE team (14 people total) are in the Ch'ol jungle this week. They left yesterday and are aiming to be back here Friday night. We have zero contact while they are out there, which is a little nerve-wracking! Please be praying for their health and safety. The heat down there is oppressive, and they are planning to be out in it the whole time doing children's programs and water filters.

Thankful for your love and friendship,

Julie for the Terrell