June & July 2011

July got away from us! So we're combining two months into one update. I'll try to keep it short. ;)

Out of the 30 days in June, we hosted team members for 26 of them! This was our summer GE team, and they were here for just over 3 weeks. They made 2 trips to 2 different jungle areas, and spent a few days inbetween doing construction projects out at the orphanage. We enjoyed having them here, as always. Their jungle trips were really good, full of stove and filter installations, kids programs, and lots of opportunities for team to practice their Spanish-speaking skills! Here is a link to the daily blog of their trip, in case you'd like to read about it in more detail. You may remember that our Yukon and trailer were involved in an accident, towards the beginning of that team's time here. We are so thankful that the situation wasn't worse... it easily could have been! Considering how the legal system works here, and the fact that we had a lot of people involved between the 2 vehicles, we feel very blessed to have walked away with no injuries and just money lost. The team's trip was only thrown off by 1 day, and they were so supportive and encouraging through it all!

One of the big events in July was that my parents flew me and Brennah up to CO for 13 days. My grandpa had a major stroke at the end of June, and I was really struggling with being so far away. That part of living in Mexico does not get easier with time! I am deeply grateful for my parents and all they do for us. It was beyond wonderful to spend that time with my family and cheer my grandpa on through the beginning of a rough recovery. I'm in awe of his determination and strength! I know my familiy would appreciate your prayers as they work together, helping my grandpa recover. While Brennah and I were in CO, Nathan was here with Cloe and Gabi! We are so glad that a couple of the young ladies from our June GE team decided to stay with us a little longer, so Nathan had plenty of help.

The other big July event was a tour client that hired Nathan for 9 days toward the end of the month. He was able to show them all over the state. In the end, they gained a thorough understanding of Chiapas, and we gained some new friends.

In-between the big events, we continued with our regular work. Making a little progress on the house addition, getting a little further with our FM3 paperwork, and working on the office projects.

The best news I have to share is that we got our website (www.terrelltimes.com) fixed!! All of the updates for this year are now in the archives, and you can go to each one to see a slide show from that month. Enjoy!


Julie (for Nathan and the girls, too!)