August 2011

Our entire month was occupied by our first ever GE medical team!  The team consisted of 3 nursing students, and 2 other "medically minded" friends from the US.  As with all firsts, there were some kinks to work out that we will hopefully be able to avoid next time (such as the expense of all the medicine we distributed being $800 more than we anticipated).  The team was able to spend 5 days in Tojolabal country, holding medical clinics and treating 200+ patients.  Not only did those people receive some much needed medical care (at zero cost to them), but they also heard the good news of Christ while they waited to be seen!  The clinics also help our relationship with the village, showing them that we are not here to take advantage of them as many others have. 

After a few days here in San Cris to recharge their batteries, visit the orphanage, and restock supplies, the team headed for Ch'ol country.  They were gone for 8 days that time, and visited five villages, treating approximately 400 patients.  In one of those five villages, they met a special little boy that we wanted to tell you about, as well as invite you to get involved!

Victor is 7 years old.  3 yrs ago, he began slowly losing his sight.  Today he is completely blind.  When he ca me to the clinic with his parents, Dr. Rivas diagnosed him with what he believes to be an operable brain tumor. The village Victor and his family are from is about 4 hrs from the hospital he needs to go to in Villa Hermosa.  This is where you come in!  Dr. Rivas is relatively certain he can get Victor's surgery done for a very minimal cost (around $50 US).  There will be some travel and lodging costs as well, however.  Victor and his parents will need to take at least 2 trips to Villa Hermosa.  As I sat here, trying to add up costs, I realized that I couldn't possibly think of all the details and variables.  Besides, won't it be more fun to watch God provide for a need that even *we* don't know all the specifics for?  He does that for us quite regularly, and I have no doubt that He will do it again!  So without many details, we can just say that this is a sweet family in desperate need of a little help.  Some tangible love from God's kids.  If you are interested in helping out either a lot or a little, just send me a quick note. I'll let you know what to do! 

A big event in August was Gabi turning 4!  We celebrated with lots of friends, watermelon, cupcakes, and a huge piñata. It has been two weeks since then, and she is already talking about her next birthday party! She is growing into such a sweet, sensitive little girl... we are so blessed to be her parents.

Thank you for being our support and encouragement this summer as we have hosted one team after another. We feel like we're just coming up for air now, and are realizing how far behind some things have gotten!  We would really appreciate your continued prayers as we work to complete the house addition, our FM3s, and and multiple office projects.

With love and gratefulness,


(for Nathan, Cloe, Gabi and Brennah too!)