January 2012

We kicked off the New Year in typical Terrell fashion: running! But before I dive in to the details of what went on around here in January, let me give you our big news... we're expecting another baby!!! We are so excited... especially Cloe and Gabi! Terrell baby #4 is due to arrive Aug. 24th, which makes us right at the 12 week mark now. We would be so thankful for your prayers for a healthy pregnancy and baby! So far this pregnancy has been a bit harder than the others, but hopefully everything will improve with the passing of the first trimester.

Nathan had a tour client that took him out of town for the first week of January. By the time he returned, we were in full-on survival and morning-sickness mode! Poor guy. We were VERY happy to have daddy home, and very thankful for the extra income he worked so hard for that week.

January kept us really occupied with paperwork! We had to make a trip to the Guatemala border to deal with expiring truck papers, we FINALLY got most of our FM3s completed, then Nathan and Cloe had to make a *fast* trip to Mexico City to renew Cloe's passport. I'm just going to note here that it is SUCH a good thing Nathan has such a good handle on all the needed paperwork around here. It completely slips my mind most of the time, and I feel utterly lost and confused by the sheer volume of it.

We spent a good chunk of the month hosting some new missionaries! They were house-hunting, and now waiting to be able to move in to their new place. We're thrilled to have not just new friends, but co-workers! Sometimes we are overwhelmed by the truth of the words that Jesus spoke in Luke 10:2... "the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few." It is really exciting for us to see God bringing in so many workers to the fields of Chiapas, MEX!

One of the tasks that we feel God has put before us and given us a passion for is assisting and encouraging other missionaries. Sometimes that means housing and meals, sometimes helping them get material and equipment, and other times it means building bunk beds for their expanding families. Nathan spent several days in the shop last month, doing just that!

We are flying from here to Colorado on March 1st! We will be in CO and TX in March, CA and NM in April, and on our way back down here (through TX) in May. We have a team scheduled to arrive here May 19th, so the plan is to arrive back the week before in order to prepare. As always, our calendar is filling up at an alarming rate, but we do want to see as many of you as possible as we make this trip. If you'll be in the area the same time as us, let us know!

Thanks for all you do to keep up with, support, and encourage us. I'm not sure where we would be without you, but I don't care to imagine it. :) 
Your friends, 

Julie, Nathan, Cloe, Gabi, and Brennah