October 2012

No, you aren’t seeing things. This *really is* an update from Nathan and Julie Terrell! Maybe equally surprising is that I am writing this update from our home in San Cristobal, Mexico!! We have been back for 3 days, and have NEVER been happier to be here. The last several months have been a blur of unplanned events, but God has clearly been in all of them.

Big news first: our son has arrived! We welcomed William Asher James (we call him Will) into the world on Aug. 17th (also Gabi's 5th birthday!). The fact that he came perfectly healthy only 1 week early instead of 17 is yet another example of God's goodness to us! It was a long summer of miracles, bed rest and doctors visits (you can read more about it on my blog http://juliediterrell.wordpress.com/ … just look for the posts that are tagged “pre-term labor”). But now we are thrilled to have this precious baby in our arms and it was worth every moment of the struggle. He is wonderful and all of us are completely smitten. Thank you, to those of you who prayed for us! We feel overwhelmingly blessed to have our baby boy.

Christmas is right around the corner! Our Orphanage Christmas Project is a simple way to give to someone who is truly in need. The last couple of years, Casa Hogar Canaan (the orphanage that we work with) has had 20-24 children in their care. As of this moment, they have 35!! Their only request this Christmas is for practical needs like sheets and shoes. Can you imagine the kids in your life only wanting a pair of sheets and a blanket for Christmas? This is what real need looks like. Last year, one church drew names for the kids and purchased new shoes for each of them. Maybe your small group, work friends, or family would be interested in doing something similar. No matter how you do it, remember that the kids LOVE to see pictures of the people who gave them Christmas gifts! So don't forget to email me a picture of yourself. For details on how to contribute, check my blog or reply to this email.

If you have looked at our website (www.terrelltimes.com) for updates this past summer, you already know that it hasn’t been touched in ages! First it was infected with some malware, but after fixing that we went to the US and couldn’t bring the desktop computer that had the capacity to update the site. Now that we’re back, website updating is on the to-do list! But the list is unbelievably long. So bear with us, please! In the meantime, I’ve attached to this e-mail a photo of our newly expanded family of 6. Of course you can look us up on Facebook as well… we have some photos there!

Love from Chiapas,

Julie for the Terrells