December 2012

Happy 2013! We pray that your year is off to a good start, and that you have a lot of great things to look forward to in the next 12 months. We are getting our schedule layed out, and it's going to be a full year!

December was great here in Chiapas! There were lots of fun times with friends, decorating cookies, having pizza, and doing gift-exchanges. This was our third Christmas in a row spent here in San Cristobal, and definitely our busiest one yet. But we loved it! It was really special to have some very sweet friends to share the holiday with, since we could not be home with my family.
I have started doing a monthly brunch for the missionary women here in Chiapas. There are more than a few of us now, and I've realized again recently how much we really need eachother!  Regardless of denomination or areas of ministry, we are in this together.  This brunch has given us time to visit, relax, and pray for eachother.  I look forward to it all month!

A good chunk of our month was spent on visas and vehicle papers. They are all filed and turned in now (such a long process!) so we are just waiting to recieve them. Part of that process meant that Nathan had to run to the Guatemala border for a couple days . Needless to say, we're glad to be done with all of that for a while!
Nathan had a tour client right over Christmas and New Years (he did get Christmas Day at home with us, though). So the 4 kiddos and I were home alone for about 10 days, which is always exciting! Thankfully, this time, no one got sick or broke anything. And we are so grateful for the extra income that tours bring.

Our Christmas at the Orphanage Project was a success!! They are now stocked with 24 brand new warm blankets, 18 new sets of sheets, 20-something pairs of shoes, a new trampoline (you wouldn't believe the safety hazard that the old one was!), toothbrushes, toothpaste, 2 chalkboard/art easels (complete with paper, paint, brushes and chalk), and a new toy per child! It was a really great day, made possible by many wonderful generous people. I posted quite a few pictures here on my blog, if you are interested in seeing them!

That wraps up our December! Thank you for your friendship and support in this past year. We are excited about the doors God is opening for 2013, and thankful to have you at our side as we follow His direction.

Love and prayers, 
(for Nathan, Cloe, Gabi, Brennah and Will too!)