June 2012

If my memory is right, we have several months to update you on! Wow. So much has happened... I will try to just hit the highlights.

Feb. was in Chiapas, helping our friends and fellow missionaries find and settle into housing in San Cristobal. Nathan made a REALLY fast run to the border to pick up a whole bunch of supplies and things for us and several other people. During that week, the girls and I were sick! Me with morning sickness, them with some kind of fever. As soon as Nathan returned, we began focusing on our upcoming trip to the US. This always means wrapping up projects and anticipating issues that may arise over the next 8 weeks while we are gone. 

March 1st, we flew to Colorado! By the time we land in Denver (3 hrs late), it is midnight and Gabi has a fever. Thus begins our US adventure! The next 8 weeks are action packed, full of quality time with family and friends. Nathan speaks at a few services and meetings, and we travel from CO to TX and back. Our girls have been absolute troopers, picking up a few colds as we visit everywhere, but loving the many adventures!

Just a couple weeks after arriving, we were able to get an ultrasound that delivered some shocking news. We are having a boy!!! All of us are thrilled, and anxious to meet William Asher James. At that point, we thought we would have to wait until the end of August for that meeting. It seems that God may have other plans.

In April we were able to visit Nathan's family in CA! That hasn't happened in years, and we loved getting to spend time with everyone. We made lots of memories and took lots of pictures (you can see them on my Facebook page if you’re interested).

On our way back to CO is when the unexpected happened. Apparently Baby Will decided he was ready to make his appearance. 17 weeks early. What followed was a solid week of miracles and watching God move and provide in ways we never dreamed of. I am keeping an online journal that you are welcome to follow (you will have to scroll way down to start at the beginning of the story) here: http://juliediterrell.wordpress.com. In the end, the deal is that we are now anticipating a few more months of US living. After a 10 day hospital stay, I have been discharged to modified bed rest in an attempt to keep the baby in there longer, and we are living in Denver (we have to be close to Children's Hospital) from now until September.

We are trying to adjust to this new reality, which is very different from what we had planned for the summer. Verses like "I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord..." and "His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts higher than our thoughts" have taken on a whole new meaning. We are trusting God to continue directing and providing as He always has! He has been unspeakably gracious and near to us through this trial, and we have no doubt that He is at work!

Thank you, as always, for your support, love and encouragement. We will keep you posted as things progress!

Safe in His hands,

Julie for the Terrells