March 2013

It’s April already! Chiapas takes the phrase “April showers” to a whole new level. We’ve already had a few monsoon-type rains... which are really good for helping us find all the leaks in our house that need fixing before rainy season begins in earnest.

I feel like a bit of a broken record (or is the new phrase “scratched CD”?) when I think about what to report on the month of March. But I guess there’s no way around it! So here goes… we were sick all month. Again. Just when we would think everyone was well again, a new bug would hit. And one by one, we’d all get it. I almost hesitate to say it (maybe I should go take everyone’s temperature first), but I think we’re all healthy now!! I do hope it continues. It’s really nice to have everyone feeling good without even lingering coughs.

Nathan manages to somehow keep doing projects while sick. He’s also taken care of our first team/family that needed help with transportation and such. One major job that we tackled last month was turning our old bedroom/storage/junk room into a school room! It’s a huge relief to have it usable for that purpose. We all enjoy doing school so much more now! Along with that room, Nathan made desks for the 2 big girls. Hooray for not having to use a folding table!!

There is a small local church that Nathan knows the families of. They are interested in the possibility of breaking the mold a little and using a decentralized church model. Nathan and our good friend Rick Walkley spent a couple of days perfecting an outline and then a whole day with the elders discussing methods. There are so many foundational issues that have not been addressed from the pulpit, and in some cases abused by the pulpit. The men all responded favorably, and we are hoping to see this group grow in discipleship maturity. Maybe even someday start other small group churches here in San Cristobal. Please pray for them as they seek to follow God's direction in this area, and us as we try to help them.

Nathan went again with our friend who is moving out to the Zoque area soon to help get their house set up. The house they will be renting didn’t start out with a constant hot / cold water system, toilet seats, laundry, kitchen, or doors on the bathrooms and one of the bedrooms.  The boys got most of these problems fixed and left the parts there to fix the rest. We'll be sad to not have them 2 miles from us anymore, but excited to see them move to the field that God has called them to.

Another effort we've been making is to form some sort of support group for home-schoolers here. It is a growing, but still relatively small movement in our part of the country. We know quite a few families who home-school, most in desperate need of help or at least encouragement and support. So it's been surprising to see how hard it is to coordinate get-togethers of any kind! If you've ever pioneered something like this, I would be thrilled to hear any advice or ideas you have. And of course, prayers are always welcome!

Thank you for being part of our lives and ministry. We're thankful to have you along for this adventure!
God bless!

(for Nathan, Cloe, Gabi, Brennah and William too!)