February 2013

Spring has arrived in San Cristobal! Our trees and flowers have all bloomed, and I have the allergies to prove it. :) But boy is our yard looking pretty! Rainy season will begin next month, so we are trying to enjoy all the sunshine while it's here.

February was nothing out of the ordinary for us. We were sick for most of it! Some of our plans actually came about, but many of them were cancelled in the wake of various illnesses making the rounds. One project that was finished (the most urgent one!) was making a bed for Gabi, once we discovered that she was literally hanging off the end of her other one. :) If I may, I'd like to take this moment to brag on my husband. He is so handy! He made an incredible bunk bed for the girls, and they are thrilled! The other fabulous project he did last month was in our new greenhouse. You may already know that we live on a large property with Nathan's parents and siblings. So this greenhouse was a group-effort. We're excited to start harvesting things, many of which we can't buy down here!

I'm continuing the Missionary Ladies Brunch every month, and really loving it! Last month's brunch was our biggest one yet, and we all had such a wonderful time together. We're steadily picking up speed in team preparation. Filling up the calendar with more teams and figuring out logistics for the ones coming up soon.

Joel Arcos is a dear friend of ours here. He is a native Ch'ol, and his calling is to be a missionary to his own people. Nathan taught him how to instal the water filters that we use, and he is now working with them on the field as an evalgelism/discipleship tool! If he comes to mind, please pray for Joel and his family as they work to reach the Ch'ol people.

Februrary wasn't a great month for our vehicles. We are considering selling one of our bigger vehicles (the Yukon) to buy one that we can actually get through the streets and parking spaces with in town. We'd appreciate your prayers in that area, too! Finding and selling vehicles at the right time is tricky business.

We are anxiously anticipating Easter in a couple of weeks, and hope you enjoy celebrating the resurrection of our wonderful, merciful Savior! 
Love from Chiapas,