January 2013

We're more than half-way through Februrary! I'm seeing a lot of people on my Facebook newsfeed talk about the snow and being ready for flip-flop weather. If you fall into that category, maybe you should consider a trip to Chiapas! The nights are cold enough to make you want your sweater and fuzzy socks, but days have been sunny and warm.

January wasn't the best month for us, health-wise.  We have all had some sort of cold/bronchitis... a few of our kids still have it!  There was also a bout wih a stomach bug that ate up several of our days, leaving mountains of laundry in it's wake.  Yes, real life happens on the mission field, too.  We are praying that you and your family are well, and are thankful for your prayers for our health!

As I was preparing to write you about what happened down here last month, I was looking back over our January calendar. I count 6 separate appointments for our paperwork with the immigration offices. Six!!  We are getting closer to being done, but we're still not there.  While this sometimes feels like a huge waste of time, we are learning quite a bit about the system.  Already, Nathan has been able to use this knowledge to help several missionary friends with their paperwork issues.

We have undertaken a new project at the orphanage!  I am so excited about it, and hope you will be as well.  I've posted a blog about it here... please take a look and think about how you might be involved!  If not monetarily, perhaps you can help sp read the word.

Nathan made a quick run out to Zoque country last month with 2 other missionary friends. While there, they were able to locate a potential home for our friends the Richardsons. They are preparing to move out there to minister to the Zoque people full time! After years of praying that God would send someone, we are so excited to see it happening at last! Please pray with us for Clay, Tammy, and their 4 children as they prepare for this move.

Our kiddos are all on the rapid-growth train. Cloe just had her 8th birthday, William is now 6 months old (he just cut his first tooth and learned to sit up), Gabi is only a couple inches shorter than Cloe (and eating more than the other two girls combined), and Brennah is the sassiest 3 yr old you've ever met! My days are very full trying to keep up with (not to mention educate, train, and love on) this crew. Our life feels so full and blessed these days. 

With love from, 

Julie (for Nathan, Cloe, Gabi, Brennah, and Will too!)