Julie and I believe that God has us here; in His time, and to do a work that He has set for us. This page is a sensitive subject for us since we firmly believe that God is able to supply all our needs before we even know they exist...

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Total Needs

$1500 per month would allow us (Nathan and Julie) to work in San Cristobal full time. Our current support is around $1200, monthly.

$2000 per video project. There is a $1000 fee for every language we dub this mainly covers royalties.


For your reference… right now (November 2013) we have between $1,500 - $1,750 being donated monthly. Sometimes it is as much as $1800 and as little as $1000, it varies. Our budget calls for $2,300 per month to cover monthly and yearly expenses.




***2012 UPDATE*** our home construction is finished, we still have some finishing touches but the main work is done!! We are building an addition upstairs, basically doubling the total size of our house. Right now we have 1 and 1/2 bedrooms (the girls room is more of a closet than a bedroom) Nathan's dad has gotten us started by building the roof and main support structures. Now we just need to add doors, windows, flooring, plumbing and electric. The finished work will add 3 bedrooms and 2 baths! (October 2010) I am guessing that we are still short $6,000 to finish... IF we can keep doing most the labor ourselves. Currently there are no committed funds for this need. Here is a look at the "blue prints" such as they are. This addition will add 1100 square feet to our current 800 square feet of living space. We need you to come help us between the 25th of March and the 23rd of April. OR instead, if you can can help buy materials we need those too.


Please see our calendar  for more date info. 




Our Budget




  • $180 Communications, (cell phones, local phone and internet service) 
  • $125 Rent (includes electric) 
  • $75 Propane 
  • $50 Savings 
  • $150 Village travel 
  • $250 Paid labor (Joel in the office recording, Ceci helping Julie and Spanish tutoring the girls, readers coming in from the villages, masons or carpenters with construction) 
  • $100 Local travel 
  • $50 Office supplies (ink, paper, CD, DVD etc) 
  • $30 Fire wood 
  • $500 Food 
  • $400 Debt payoff

$1,910 Total



  • $50 Websites
  • $600 Vehicle insurance (total for all vehicles.)
  • $750 Vehicle maintenance (oil changes, brake replacement, shock absorbers etc.) $250 per vehicle…
  • $225 Visas ($28 per person every 6 months, Brennah not included since she has Mex citizenship) this will go away once we have FM3 visas.
  • $600 for home school curriculum 
  • $510 Vehicle permits / registration (this will be reduced once we have FM3 visas.) 
  • $2,000 USA trip fuel and travel

$4,735 Total



Audio NT

This covers; studio fees, reader's wages (8usd per day), transportation, and room and board. We have finished recording the Zoque and Ch'ol NT, with volunteers recording here in my office's closet. Besides those two there are several other languages that we would like to record. Expenses so far have been coming out of personal funds. Each language costs between $2,000 and $4,000. Our next target will be the Tojolabal audio NT (July 2010 currently there are no committed funds for this expense)



23-26 foot travel trailer | $6,000 – $8,000


As a mobile base for work in villages and at recording sites, this would allow us to travel together as a family as well as extend Nathan's time spent in the field. 

***2012 UPDATE*** we now have our travel trailer!!



Truck or Van 4X4 | 3/4 or 1 ton | $8,000 – $9,000


We need to be able to tow a small travel trailer and our little Pathfinder is too small and the Yukon's transmission is not built for the weight.



Simple Digital Cameras | Various



We need 3 or 4 simple (ie cheap) digital cameras for our guys on the field.  Joel, Gregorio, and Jacobo could all really use one for their time in the jungle. It would be really nice to have pictures to go along with their reports.

(we have just been given one of these! PTL!)



Portable CD Players | Various



Since the people we are bringing the Gospel to don't read we bring it to them in an audio format. To do that we sometimes need to provide CD players for them to use.




Small Motorcycle or Scooter | $1500



We live in a very old colonial city and the streets were made for horses or foot traffic, so parking and traffic are insane. We would like to get a small scooter to run errands in town and thus save on time, gas and parking fees. 

***2012 UPDATE*** we now have our scooter, and Nathan is busy being dangerous!!



Shipping and receiving | Long Term


We need someone near the USA/Mexico border who can receive and store shipped items and then release them to fellow missionaries coming through for delivery to us. TX, NM and AZ are preferred.



Construction Team | Short Term (2 weeks) 


There are several short term construction opportunities here. The most pressing on our calendar is the need for more space in our home. The bedroom (closet) that all 3 girls need to fit into is just super tiny. Other projects include the mission base in San Fernando.


Web Design | Long Term



We are not pro web designers, we would love to have someone who we can call or email questions to! If you understand flash, dreamweaver, CSS, etc we would love to pick your brain!



Storage Space | Long Term



We have been storing items that we are not bringing here at a friend's storage space in Pueblo CO... but we do feel that we've imposed on that friend long enough! So we need to find somewhere to store those items (grandma's rocking chair, Julie's wedding dress, and items that we have not had room to haul here yet.)


Personal Items



Dec 2012, baby William is our first boy... and so, while he has three older sisters for hand-me-down wrestling, their clothes being mostly pink, will not work for him. If you have baby - toddler - child clothes for a little boy, please let us know!