Pure Air Project (PAP)

The indigenous people here usually cook using an open fire on the floor of their home. The are many problems that result from this practice; smoke in the home contaminates their lungs, the poor efficiency of wood consumption increases their work load and is decimating their forests, and the open fire poses a burn hazard for the inhabitants and their home. We have an adopted sister named Rosa. She fell into one of these open cook fires during a seizure, and lost her good arm at the elbow as a result of the burns she suffered. This is just one example of many. Our solution to this problem is a stove design that has been available for years but has never really been applied here. It is widely used in Guatemala and other parts of Central America. We started out trying to make our own using concrete but have abandoned that plan in favor of a commercially available option. In March 09 we found a supplier for this stove and began installing it in May 09. The units cost $2,000 pesos delivered here to our base (about $150 usd). Units are being sponsored by groups and individuals from the USA for $100 each, the local family pays about 1/3 the total cost and the sponsors take care of the rest. Our team absorbs the costs of install and transportation and we get the opportunity to share God's word and the story of Jesus in the homes that are opened to us as a result of this needed item. It will be implemented along with the PWP and we will apply the same Gospel presentation methods as in the PWP. If you are interested in sponsoring a stove family please let us know!