The Pure Water Project (PWP)

We started our PWP here in Chiapas in 2007. Our goal is to bring pure drinking water into homes and to use that open door as a chance to bring Christ and the living water to a receptive audience. We started working mainly with the Zoques. PWP has now branched out and grown. We are now also installing filters with the Ch'ols, Tojolabals, and coastal fishing villages as well. We also supply filters to other mission groups for use with the Tzeltals, Tzotzils, and Lacandons. These systems are simple and require little maintenance, and no electricity or water pressure. They can be made with materials that are found here locally with the exception of only one part, the filter cartridge itself. An audio CD from the Audio NT project is given to each family as we install. Also an audio CD and text of one of the Study Guides or other materials that we might have available in that language. We share the gospel and take prayer requests in each home. We make return visits to check on their progress and to give them the next CD in the series as we record them. Thanks to support from the USA we are able to provide the filters at a reduced cost. (We are subsidizing about 50%.) To date we have seen a distribution of hundreds of systems in homes and have used over a hundred more in disaster relief and special situations. The families receiving these systems are paying about $30 USD each (varies with exchange rate).