Study Guides

We are in a constant state of developing new study guides and translating them into new languages. If you are interested in using any of these materials contact us we would be glad to get them to you.

El Camino a Jesus (The Road to Jesus)

This is a 36 chapter study that moves chronologicaly through the Bible. It started in Spanish and has been translated into Zoque. We are considering replacing this with the "Creation to Christ" series.

Estudio de Juan en 5 Semanas (5 Week Study of John)

This study guides you through the book of John with 50 questions broken up into 5 weeks. Originaly in Spanish now translated into Ch'ol and Zoque also.

Conociendo a Dios Personalmente (Knowing God Personaly)

A primarily evangelistic presentation that presents the state of man before God. Originaly in English from Dare2share, now translated into Spanish, Ch'ol and Zoque.